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26/09/2016 07h08 - Updated 26/09/2016 07h08
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Arthur Neto

8h to 17h – Artur Neto performs activities related to the capital's mayor.

17h30 – Arthur and Rotta do walk in Japiim neighborhood.

19h30 – Meeting at the Station 45, in the East.

Henrique Oliveira

7h - Bandeiraço and Leafleting the Roundabout of St. Joseph (Next to UAI Shopping).

9h - Leafleting and walk in the streets of Palm and Amazon, near the SAMU, in the neighborhood San Jose; Rua Bernardo Cabral, near the 14th DIP, Tancredo Neves; in Rua Brigadeiro Hilário Gurjão, neighborhood Jorge Teixeira, It is on the street 31, in the neighborhood Our Lady of Fatima.

16h - Leafleting and walk near Fair Japiimlândia, Japiim neighborhood; Morro da Liberdade, and Road Japiim, near Studio 5, in Landfill 40.

Hissa Abraham

9h - Commitment based.

15h - Meeting with leaders in the City of God neighborhood.

17h - Bandeiraço the Crowned neighborhood.

19h - Commitment to base.

Jose Ricardo

8h – walking, leafleting, bandeiraço and minicomício (Of. It Adalberto, Bethany neighborhood).

12h30 – Minicomício no T 3 (New Town neighborhood).

17h – Walk with leafleting and minicomício (Of. Saint Peter, neighborhood Compensates).

19h - Meeting with the Green Sheet Movement in partnership with the Sustainable Cities Programme and the Order of Lawyers of Brazil - Amazonas.

20h – Meeting with residents of the New Town neighborhood II.

Luiz Castro

10h – Meeting in Manaus Rural Zone.

14h – Meeting with the coordination of the campaign.

18h – Interview for TV station.

19h – Debate promoted by the Green Sheet Motion.

Marcelo Ramos

6h – Marcelo Ramos, interview with TV show.

15h – Wilson Lima and Juliana Ramos visiting Prosamin Master Chico.

17h – Marcelo Ramos – walking – Street 253 in front of the State School Osmar Pedrosa – Our Lady of Fatima 1.
17h – Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima – walking – Xiborena street with Antonio Matias Street – St. Joseph 1.

19h30 – Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima – Meeting – Legion Street side of the Catholic Church – President Vargas.

20h – Marcelo Ramos – Meeting – Street Areal with street 15 from December – compensates 2.

Professor Queiroz

8h – Corner Democratic Sete de Setembro with Eduardo Ribeiro.

14h – Electoral Program Recording Studio in External.

19h- The vice Taly Nayandra participate motion GREEN SHEET, in the auditorium of the Bar Association of Brazil – Amazon (OAB / AM).

19h – Meeting with the General Coordination 19 hours in Compensates.

Serafim Correa

10h - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

14h - Meeting with supporters and collaborators.

19h - Movement Meeting Green Sheet.

Silas House

8h – Meeting with community leaders.

10h – Electoral Program Recording.

14h30 – Interview.

17h – walking.

19h – Meeting with community leaders.

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