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16/09/2016 07h55 - Updated 16/09/2016 08h02
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The list is in alphabetical order. Professor Queiroz did not release schedule.

Arthur Neto

17h – Mark Rotta is walk in Armando Mendes.

17h – Meeting the Worker House, in Manaus Center.

20h – Meeting at the Station 45.

Henrique Oliveira

9h - Walk on Street 17 March - Old Street Amazonino Mendes -, neighborhood Santa Etelvina, North Zone. Start: near the bus terminal.

10h30 - Walking on Avenida Airton Sena - Old Street Fish Horse -, Community Union Victory, Tarumã district, North Zone.

16h - Walk in Criciuma Street, Alvorada neighborhood 1, West zone. Start: End Loris Cordovil.

17h - Walk on Avenue J, Alvorada II neighborhood, West zone. Start: close to Bradesco and the corner of Ramsons.

Hissa Abraham

8h30 - Walk / leafleting in the Bethany neighborhood.

10h30 - Walk / leafleting in Alvorada neighborhood.

12h - Interview with local portal.

14h30 - Interview with journalism students Uninorte.

17h - Walk / leafleting in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood.

19h - Meeting with leaders in all Viver Melhor.

21h - Meeting with leaders in the neighborhood Jesus Me God.

Jose Ricardo

8h – Walk with leafleting and minicomício the avenue Curacao, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone.

17h – Walk with leafleting in Petrópolis neighborhood, Zona Sul.

20h - Meeting with supporters in the neighborhood Colonia Antonio Aleixo, East zone.

Luiz Castro

10h - Meeting with segments of cooperativism.

12h - Lunch with businessmen in CDLM.

15h - Visit to rural communities in Manaus.

Marcelo Ramos

8h to 16h – election program recording.

17h – walking: Rua Padre Agostinho Caballero, St. Anthony, in front of the drugstore Paradise.

20h – Meeting: Street 06 com a Avenida H, in front of the Metallurgical Metalbond, Dawn 1.

Serafim Correa

07h - Interview Radio Criticism

10h - Recording Election Program

14h - Meeting Campaign Coordination

16h - Walk in the south

18h30 - Meeting in the South Zone

Silas House

8h – Electoral Program Recording.

11h – Meeting with community leaders.

17h – walking.

19h30 – Meeting with community leaders.

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