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23/09/2016 06h56 - Updated 23/09/2016 06h56
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The list is in alphabetical order. Arthur Neto, Luiz Castro and Professor Queiroz did not release schedule.

Henrique Oliveira

7h30 - Leafleting and Bandeiraço in Brazil Avenue in front of City Hall, Compensates neighborhood.

9h – Leafleting and Bandeiraço in Sao Paulo Rua, Santo Antonio neighborhood; in St. Peter Avenue and St. Joseph Street, Feirinha of Iron, in front of Chiquinha Fashions, compensates; in St. John Street, compensates 2; Rua São Bento, Glory; Avenue Ayrão, President Vargas.

16h – Leafleting and Bandeiraço the Community Celebrity Park, Community Jesus gave me, Rio Piorini, Campos Sales and Victory Union.

Hissa Abraham

8h - Commitment based.

14h - Interview with Radio Community Interactivity.

16h - Meeting with leaders in Amazonino Mendes neighborhood (Mutirão).

17h - Leafleting in Autaz Mirim Avenue (East zone).

19h – Meeting with leaders in the City of God neighborhood.

20h - Commitment to base.

Jose Ricardo

8h – walking, leafleting and minicomício the Lily of the Valley neighborhood.

11h30 – signature act of commitment letter with the Pedal Movement Manaus, no Hileia.

12h30 – Minicomício no Terminal 1, in Constantino Nery.

17h – Dialogue with Youth, Billiards in the Park.

19h – Debate Culture in Elections 2016, promoted by Collective Diffusion, Billiards in the Park.

Marcelo Ramos

10h – Meeting – Of. Autaz Mirim, Tancredo Neves, near Polyclinic Zanini (Evilázio Birth).

17h – Walking - (Marcelo Ramos) Peace Street, Chapada, passing the store Kawasaki motorcycles, sense Quarter / Center.

17h – walking (Joshua Neto) street Venezuela, near bus station 033, Nations' park.

20h – Meeting – Mount Sinai street with walking street, Novo Israel.

Serafim Correa

09h - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

15h - Recording Electoral Propaganda.

19h30 - Community Meeting in the South Zone.

Silas House

10h – Meeting with Archbishop.

11h20 – Interview.

15h – Interview.

17h – walking.

19h – Meeting with community leaders.

21h – Meeting with community leaders.

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