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13/09/2016 07h09 - Updated 13/09/2016 07h09
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The list is in alphabetical order. Arthur did not release schedule.

Henrique Oliveira

7h - Henry gives an interview to Radio Criticism (FM 93.1).

8h30 - Henry and Bronze perform leafleting and checkered flag in Eldorado Ball, Park neighborhood 10 from November.

10h30 - Alessandro Bronze held leafleting and checkered flag at the intersection of streets Recife and Salvador (in front of the Dodo Vehicles), Adrianople neighborhood.

10h50 - Henrique Oliveira gives an interview to Now TV show Time.

12h - Henrique Oliveira gives an interview to Portal Current Amazon with Live broadcast by Facebook.

16h - Henry and Bronze perform walk at Rua Paulo Lopes – old Amazonas Street, Crowned II neighborhood, East zone. Start: in front of the grocery store House of Meat.

17h - Henry and Bronze perform walk in Buriti Avenue, Ouro Verde neighborhood, East zone. Start: in front of the grocery Brito.

Hissa Abraham

9h – Commitment in Brasília (DF).

14h – Plenary session in the House of Representatives.

19h - Meeting with leaders in the neighborhood Our Lady of Fatima (Vice helper Afonso).

Jose Ricardo

6h – Employment Generation (District Industrial / Yamaha).

7h – water 24h (Ball Jorge Teixeira).

8h – bus T3 (New city).

9h – My house, My City Life (Cj. Live better).

10h – Manaus Fundamental (Parque São Pedro.

11h – entrepreneurship (Alvorada I).

12h – Food supply (Fair Manaus Moderna).

13h – Women Presentation of Largo Government Plan to San Sebastian Press.

14h – Citizen security (Cologne Oliveira Machado).

15h – Sanitation Environmental Park Jefferson Peres

16h – Youth, Hip Hop Culture Square and Kako Kaminha at Av. Brazil (next conn. Bariri).

17h – Municipal Children's Hospital In Front of the Fair
compensate II.

18h – town hall 2017/2020 Transparency and orc. participating (compensates).

Luiz Castro

8h30 – Opening of the 1st Forum on Biotechnology debate – OAB.

11h – Meeting with campaign supporters.

14h – Talk wheel with architecture students.

17h – Bandeiraço in Japiim Square.

18h30 – Interview with local TV.

19h30 – Meeting with leaders of the Cooperative.

Marcelo Ramos

8h – Recording electoral program.

17h – walk Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima.

17h30 – interview TV program.

20h30 – meeting.

21h30 – meeting.

Professor Queiroz

9h – Recording electoral program.

14h – meeting.

Night – meeting to evaluate the first part of accountability.

Serafim Correa

09h to 12 am - Plenary Session.

14h30 - Recording Election Program.

17h - Walking Zona Norte.

19h30 - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

Silas House

7h - Interview for Radio.

16h - Walk neighborhood.

19h - Meeting with community leaders.

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