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27/09/2016 07h14 - Updated 27/09/2016 07h14
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Arthur Neto

8h to 17h – Arthur carries out activities related to the position of Chief Executive.

17h30 – Walk in the St. George neighborhood.

19h30 – Meeting at the Station 45, in the East.

Henrique Oliveira

9h - Walk and Leafleting at Avenida Vista Bela with Street 3, near Gabriele Sister School, Puraquequara.

9h30 – Walk and Leafleting in Progress Street, in front of the Hospital Chapeut privot, Cologne Antônio Aleixo.

10h30 – Walk and Leafleting at the Getulio Vargas Avenue, 28 ° across DIP, Cologne Antônio Aleixo.

11h – Walk and Leafleting in New Street Republic, Set William Alexander, Cologne Antônio Aleixo.

16h – Walking and Leafleting on Avenida Architect José Henrique - Great Circular 2, Mount of Olives.

16h30 – Walk and Leafleting on Avenida Preciosa with Cherry Street – Centro Comercial Ville Roy – próximo a UBS, Cologne Antônio Aleixo.

17h – Walk and Leafleting in Rio Piorini.

18h – Walk and Leafleting in Newfoundland.

Hissa Abraham

9h - Commitment based.

16h - Bandeiraço and leafleting in São Raimundo neighborhood.

19h - Leafleting on Djalma Batista Avenue (Fametro).

Jose Ricardo

8h – Leafleting with bandeiraço on Avenida Constantino Nery (in front of the Arena Amazônia).

12h30 – Minicomício no Terminal 1 (Constantino Nery).

13h30 – José Ricardo gives an interview to Portal Tucumã.

17h - Walk in Mutirão neighborhood, known as "Effort" (concentration in the Family Center Family).

Luiz Castro

8h - Walk in Morro da Liberdade.

9h - Parliamentary Activity.

18h - Leafleting at Av. Joaquim Nabuco.

19h - Meeting with community leaders.

Marcelo Ramos

8h – Meeting – Association of Amazonas Real Estate Market Companies (Ademi) no Caeser Business Hotel, Of. Darcy Vargas, to the Amazonas Shopping Side.

17h – walking (Marcelo Ramos) – Concentration point: Of. Amazonino Mendes, in front of the Mercadinho Pará, neighborhood Santa Etelvina.

17h – walking (Joshua Neto) – Campo Grande Street, in front of the drugstore Pinto, district Redemption.

19h30 – Meeting (Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima) – Rua Dona Leopoldina with Rua José Tadros, in front of the Mercadinho Lindão, Santo Antonio neighborhood.

20h – Meeting (Marcelo Ramos) – Rua Manoel Ribeiro with Jarbas Finch Street, Tancredo Neves.

Professor Queiroz

9h – Interview Amazon Network.

10h30 – electoral campaign program closing at 10h30.

13h – Interview students Uninorte.

15h – Walk and leafleting in the neighborhood Crowned (Concentration at the intersection of ave. Beira Rio to Ouro Preto Street).

17h30 – Interview for TV uncritical.

Serafim Correa

1500 pm - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

18h30 - Meeting with the South Zone Employees.

20h30 - Meeting with East Side Community.

Silas House

9h – Electoral Program Recording.

14h – Meeting with community leaders.

16h – Meeting with community leaders.

19h – Meeting with community leaders.

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