Councillor Ari Moutinho talks about Combating Corruption in Rio Grande do Sul

Ari emphasized the partnership that the TCE-AM has signed daily with the organs of state control network.
02/09/2016 14h49 - Updated 2/09/2016 14h49
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In a meeting with counselors from around the country present at the National Institute Rui Barbosa Meeting - Southern Region, in Porto Alegre (RS), the presiding director of the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM), Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, He spoke to Combat Corruption, in a speech that touched on the actions undertaken by the Audit Court amazonense, whose information provided to the Network Control in State resulted in arrests of mayors in operations triggered in recent months.

The date, held in Rio Grande do Sul Court of Auditors headquarters (TCE-RS), this Thursday (1º/9) it's Friday (2), brings together directors and technicians of the Audit Courts of all regions of Brazil, to discuss various issues related to the work of ombudsmen and internal affairs of TCEs.

With the support of slides and talk of combating corruption, Ari Moutinho Junior adviser emphasized the partnership that the TCE-AM has signed daily with the organs of state control network - Attorney General of the Union, Federal Public Ministry, Comptroller General of the Union, Federal police and prosecutors State of Amazonas and the Attorney General -, working closely and giving access to information e-Accounts system relating to the municipalities and the State.

"Data provided by TEC-AM, for example, They were instrumental in carrying out operations in the AM, as Cauxi, who held a mayor and revealed a hole in the city budget ", commented Ari Moutinho Junior, to note that regulatory agencies need to be on the same frequency, to have satisfactory results against corruption.

In the opinion of the President of TCE-AM, institutions need to talk more, communicate frequently and be aware that the information collected is not owned by the agency, but of all who seek the common good. Only with this exchange of experience, he said, it will be possible to strengthen against those who do not properly use public money. in the lecture, the counselor also talked about the suspensions of bidding processes Amazon, by irregularities hint, TEC monitoring of fruit, to prevent damage to public coffers and about the trials of accounts.

"We have to strengthen the increasingly. We have skilled technicians and society have noted that TCEs can contribute, sim, this fight. Thanks to the reproaches of the accounts of Cortes accounts, for example, several politicians have been barred by the Clean Record Law nationwide. This is just one of our actions in fighting corruption. We have to strengthen us ", finished.

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