Codam councilors approve industrial projects estimated at over R $ 3 billion and 2.834 jobs for AM

In general, the members approved 34 industrial projects estimated at $ 3.231 billion.
02/09/2016 08h40 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h40
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Most investments – a total of R $ 2.751 billion – approved in 263ª meeting of the State of Amazonas Development Council (Codam), held on Thursday, 1Th September, in SEPLAN-CTI, It was directed to the components sector, intermediate goods directed to the manufacture of end products. In general, the members approved 34 industrial projects estimated at $ 3.231 billion and 2.834 vacancies in the labor market over three years.

The Planning Secretary of State, Thomaz Nogueira, He pointed out that the increase in the amounts listed in the guidelines Codam has been showing continuous, which is quite significant in this time of crisis because the country goes. "It is indeed a paradox because while we see improving future indicators still face the effects of the worst crisis we have experienced", said Nogueira reaffirming the position that this situation is temporary. "We have no doubt that we will overcome this moment and grow back".

The highlight of the agenda approved by Codam was the production design of intermediate goods of Boreo Components Industry, estimated at R $ 2.036 billion and over 900 jobs, for the manufacture in the Industrial Pole of Manaus circuit boards mounted, data storage units and battery for mobile phone.

Also in the component production area it approved the project Callidus Industry and Trade for the production of circuit boards mounted valued at R $ 46 million and 97 jobs. Also approved the Videolar-Innova design for the plate production, leaf, tape and expandable plastic film in the amount of R $ 280 million and 98 jobs. The Amazon Masa was allowed to make cell phone at a cost of R $ 73 million and 104 vacancies in the labor market.

The last meeting was held in June Codam, and resulted in the approval of 40 industrial design, one of them in additional staff, with total investment of R $ 914 million and 1.872 work stations. Year to date, including the investments made during the 263ª meeting, the Codam approved a total of 144 industrial projects with total investment estimated at R $ 6.130 billion and 10.200 work stations.

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