Interactive World Cup volleyball in Manaus happens this weekend

The event this year complete three years and several editions have happened since 2014.
14/09/2016 10h42 - Updated 14/09/2016 10h48
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

Names of various countries will be "borrowed" this weekend, 17 e 18, to give life to the Interactive World Cup Volleyball Social Center Urban Park Ten November. Or event, to be held in II block from the Olympic Village of Manaus, located in Dom Pedro, starts at 13h in two days, When 12 teams participate in the qualifying round. The final is scheduled for 24 of September, at the same place. The season gets Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

This is the tenth edition of the World Cup, It happens from 2014. This year, vie for the title teams of Brazil, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, Japan and Poland. The most successful team is the green and yellow, every year, the last two placed in the classification are lowered and are unable to attend the event at least one year.

"The event this year complete three years and several editions have been held since 2014. Brazil is the only team that holds the championship and every year two teams are demoted, giving an opportunity to other countries compete competition. In 2016, for example, we Poland with unprecedented participation and Australia, that fell once and is now returning with a stronger team ", He explained the general coordinator, Matheus Gonçalves.

Matheus also says that the competition began in CSU's Ten Park and then there, several blocks received event. The founder of the World Cup was Fernando Santos, who died the same year that the race has gained momentum, in 2014, due to pneumonia.

"We always joked at CSU Park Ten volleyball, and once Fernandinho gave the idea and began to mobilize the crowd to make what was hitherto amateurism into something serious. He sadly passed away, but we continue with the World Cup, that every year is strengthened and is known to be a very tough competition, a lot of technical teams and prepared. To participate, inclusive, There is a pre-selection ", he explained.

Besides coordinator, Matheus still accumulates the charge function and player of the Russian team. the Cup, inclusive, it is mandatory that the team's commander acting on at least one set in the qualifying round.

"We have this rule and it must be respected by all, otherwise the team is disqualified. I think this rule contributes to the quality of the competition, because from there they all charge more. I consider myself a very versatile player and can act both at the tip, and outlet means or. I really like is to collaborate with my team ", commented.


the Cup, each team can work up to five times in the two days of qualifying round and the final, receiving the top eight, it happens on 24 of September, in II block from the Olympic Village, Dom Pedro, a partir das 13h30.

One of the curiosities about the World Cup is the team of Colombia - champions – It is the only mixed team, counting with the participation of a woman. The highest place of the podium, by edition, It was occupied by the following countries: 1º Brazil / 2º Turkey / 3º Brazil / 4ºAustrália / 5º Japan / 6º Italy / 7º Egypt / 8º Russia / 9º Colombia.

League table - Saturday - 17/09

Game 1 X-POL TUR
Game 2- JPN X RUS
Game 3- FRA X OFF
Game 4-X RUS POL
Game 5- OFF X TUR
Game 6- FRAN X JPN
Jogo 7-POL X OFF
Game 8- RUS X FRA
Game 9- TUR X JPN
Game 10- FRA X POL
Game 11- JPN X OFF
Game 12- TUR X RUS
Game 13- POL X JPN
Game 14- FROM X TOUR
Game 15- OFF X RUS

League table - Sunday - 18/09

Game 1- BRA X ESP
Game 2- EGT X ITA
Game 3- ARG X COL
Game 4- ITA X BRA
Game 5- COL X ESP
Game 6- ARG X EGT
Game 7- BRA X COL
Game 8- ITA X ARG
Game 9- ESP X EGT
Game 10- ARG X BRA
Game 11- EGT X COL
Game 12- ESP X ITA
Game 13- BRA X EGT
Game 14- ARG X ESP
Game 15- COL X ITA

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