Cunha is notified in the Official Gazette; officials try to personally deliver

The notification was also sent by mail, receipt requested.
08/09/2016 09h23 - Updated 8/09/2016 09h23
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Unable to be located, President away from the House of Representatives Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) It was notified today (8) on the vote on the impeachment process of its mandate, through the Official Gazette. In addition to publishing, Chamber officials will try to personally deliver a notice, in the apartment which occupies Cunha in Brasilia, in response to a request represented himself.

The General Secretariat of the House said he made three attempts at the office and functional apartment occupied by the parliamentary, in Brasilia, and the residence held in Rio de Janeiro, but did not make it. The notification, which is a bureaucratic step required to occur the session can set the destination of the PMDB – convened to 19h of Monday (12) -, It was also sent by mail, receipt requested.

Cunha answers, since October last year, the process for breaking parliamentary decorum for lying on the ownership of foreign accounts. After the proceedings by nearly eight months, the Ethics Council of the Chamber approved, in June, the PMDB's mandate for impeachment 11 votes to nine. parliamentary, who denies being the holder of these accounts and argues that it is only beneficial owner of a trust, tried recorreràa Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) to reverse the result, but was unsuccessful.

The opinion on the mandate of the PMDB, who resigned as chairman of the House in July, You are ready for the plenary since the end of the first half. His successor in charge of the House, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), decided, in season, leave the decision until after the conclusion of the impeachment of Rousseff. Date created controversy and led opponents deputies wedge to numerous attempts to postpone, unsuccessful. Maia was accused of giving in to pressure from allied with the President Michel Temer.

To be removed from office, are necessary 257 votes. In addition to the anticipation surrounding this vote and any wedge manifestation in the coming days, Camera live the impasse caused by Rousseff's impeachment vote, when the loss of office and political rights for eight years was decided in separate votes. Rodrigo Maia awaiting an opinion from the advice of the House that will point to the votes in the House can be sliced, as in the trial of the former president in the Senate.

Source: Agency Brazil

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