Moro decision on the MPF against Lula complaint should be published Monday

If the complaint is upheld by Moro, Lula will become defendant in the trial, and others reported, including his wife and other.
16/09/2016 08h50 - Updated 16/09/2016 14h04
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The complaint lodged by federal prosecutors (MPF) against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is already the judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Federal Criminal Court, in Curitiba. Moro has five days to decide whether accepts the complaint from prosecutors that integrate the MPF task force in Operation Lava Jato. The press office of the Paraná Federal Justice reported that the order with the decision to be published on Monday (19).

If the complaint is upheld by Moro, Lula will become defendant in the trial, and others reported: the wife of former president, Marisa Leticia da Silva; President Lula Institute, Paulo Okamoto; former President of the OAS Leo Pinheiro; and four people linked to contractor, Agenor Franklin Magalhães Medeiros, Paulo Roberto Valente Gordilho, Fabio Hori Yonamine and Roberto Moreira Ferreira.

It is the first time that the former president is reported to the Federal Court under the Lava Jato.


Although the MPF accusing the former president of leading the identified corruption scheme in Lava Jato, Lula is not being denounced by conspiracy. The 13 Attorneys who sign the text claim that the complaint is corruption and money laundering.

The chapter dealing that takes over 40 the 149 document pages. In this section, prosecutors say the government of Lula was feasible only through "a criminal scheme" involving the purchase of parliamentarians with bribery and distribution of public offices. According to the text, the irregularities in the monthly allowance and the Lava Jato are "faces of the same coin" and have the apex former President.

In others 40 pages, prosecutors detailed the charges directed to Lula, Léo Medeiros Pinheiro and Agenor by corruption crime. They claim that the former president acted to facilitate contracts between Petrobras and Conpar consortia and Conest, of which the OAS was part, for works on the Repar refinery and Rnest between 2006 e 2012. According to the complaint, the consortium secured the contract with the payment of bribes to various beneficiaries, or even ex-president.

The second crime denounced by MPF, money laundry, occupies almost 50 document pages and is divided into two stages. The first deals with the triplex on Solaris Condominium, in Guaruja, on the coast. Prosecutors claim that the property was acquired, renovated and decorated by the OAS in favor of Lula and Marisa, as compensation for the performance of the former president in the Petrobras scheme. Besides Lula and wife, They were reported at this stage Léo Pinheiro, Paul Gordilho and Fabio Yonamine.

In the complaint for money laundering, prosecutors also claim that Lula received undue advantages of the OAS by means of a contract for storage of personal goods PT. As or text, the contractor made monthly payments for five years the company Granero Transportes so this kept personal belongings of former president, after he moved to the Alvorada Palace. This part of the complaint also includes Paul Okamotto and Leo Pinheiro.


The 13 attorneys signing the document does not ask for Lula's arrest or any other reported. Delta Dallagnol, task force leader who produced the complaint, I said yesterday that this practice is a "standard" to "not anticipate judgments or evaluations".

The complainants ask, However, the judge Sergio Moro order the recovery of damages to Petrobras by the former president, of R $ 87,6 millions. The text also calls for involving the denounced the "loss, to the Union, of all goods, related rights and values, direct or indirectly, the commission of the crimes ".

Prosecutors indicated, still, a list of 27 witnesses to be heard, If the complaint to be received in Federal Court.

Source: Agency Brazil

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