Amazon delegation will represent Brazil in the South American Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Colombia

The vacancy for the South American was conquered in June this year by the team amazonense, after winning the Brazil Cup Sets.
30/09/2016 13h56 - Updated 1/10/2016 14h58
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Five gymnasts Amazon form the national team that will defend the country in the South American Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Or event, What happens at the Coliseum Eustorgio Colmenares, em San José de Cucuta, Colombia, next week, It will bring together the top athletes of the sport. To go to the competition, the delegation receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

The vacancy for the South American was conquered in June this year by the team amazonense, after winning the Brazil Cup Sets, event that took place in the Gymnastics Centre Bianca Maia Mendonça, located in the Olympic Village of Manaus, in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Central-West. The delegation is formed by Ana Clara Mendes, 10, Camila Cunha, 10, Evelyn Lamego, 10, Isabela Lages,10, and Raicca Tomé, 8.

Like team that is winning does not move, the Fabrícia Viana technical account that the same choreography Brazil Cup will be presented in Colombia. "The choreography is Set, Free hands, and our presentation is all inspired by the Disney cartoon 'Not the cows come home', including our dress. The girls are very eager and believe that we will well represent our country ", said the technique, arriving to train over 30 hours a week with the gymnasts.

Fabrícia account that in GR it takes exclusive dedication, as the priority mode perfection. both, the training sessions are held from Monday to Saturday, from 16h to 21h, in the Olympic Village of Manaus (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) and the College Adalberto Valle (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). The presentation in the South American Championship is 2min30seg for all teams.

"All five gymnasts have to be in tune, as if the judges identify any error, Automatically group is impaired. That is why, train hours for a minute presentation and also conduct what we call control training, that is when we make a presentation as if it were on the championship day. Like this, you can review the collaborative work, dance steps and difficulties, where they are evaluated heels, balance and pivot ", said the commander, arriving repeat ten times in training and choreography just the heating lasts around an hour.

Ahead of the team, Fabrícia collects, with 'their' girls, major titles, as the championship of the Brazil Cup (2015/2016) and the eighth in the National Tournament. Despite the experience in various competitions, technical admits he is 'with butterflies in my stomach' for his debut in the South American.

"It's my first time in South American, as well as girls, and I confess that that is mixed anxiety with a little nervousness, but I try to spend a lot of calm to girls, because despite being a great responsibility, we have to face with confidence so that everything can go well ", highlighted.

To mitigate further the desire of gymnasts, Fabricia also has the serenity of the team captain, Isabela Lages. No boom two 10 years old, girl shows awareness of Busy.

"We're up and forcing a lot and will give our best in the competition. I try to advise all, maintain team unity, and so we got a lot of concentration ", said the leader, who dreams of being a big club and be part of future Olympics.

For the South American Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics the Amazon delegation also has the support of the Library Lira, Drugstore Holy Medicine and Podium Mania company. The team leaves for Colombia on Tuesday, day 4.

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