Democracy gains strength in Brazil with the right moves

One of the greatest representatives of these movements in the AM is the candidate for councilor, Kleber Romao.
26/09/2016 17h08 - Updated 27/09/2016 16h31
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Currently Brazil has lived an intense cultural revolution process where people have been more active in against bad politicians thanks to easy access to information brought by the internet. In the Amazons it has gained strength with the right moves as the "Right Amazon”, “Brazil Free Movement”, “We are free” and many others who were mobilized in the streets in favor of the impeachment of former president Dilma Rousseff and has been engaged in the fight against corruption today.

One of the greatest representatives of this movement in the state is the candidate for councilor by Democrats and representative of the School without party in the Amazon, Kleber Romao, who with his irreverent way, his tough talk against Eduardo Braga, PT, Dilma and B PC has attracted many fans and followers. Before that, Romao was known for denouncing acts of corruption, but he never played in elected office and this year decided to join the fray.

"To be seen as one of the leading exponents of this line of thinking here in the Amazon is a pride and a great responsibility for me. You expose your ideas today is something even dangerous means because you end up becoming the target of people attacks that do not deal very well with the dissenting opinion mainly those who want to defend ideologies proven to have left a negative legacy in humanity as is the case socialism and communism ", said Kleber.

For political scientist and university professor, Chris Pronger Ribeiro, what you see happening in the country are movements arising from an average enlightened class aimed at greater transparency of public acts with an attempt of popular participation and less corruption.

The right-wing movement led by nationally renowned politicians like Onix Lorenzone, Marcel van Hattem, Eduardo Bolsonaro, José Carlos Alleluia, among others, moves to a new phase that is the entrance into power struggle to make their ideals are implemented and the struggle for the state to engage in their real functions is to give structure to the country grow and ensure the safety of the population.

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