Uncontrolled, Arthur scolds and threatens journalist; listen to the audio of the discussion

Arthur cursed and threatened journalist who owns a news portal in Manaus.
14/09/2016 15h25 - Updated 14/09/2016 18h22
Photo: disclosure

The mayor of Manaus and re-election candidate, Arthur Neto, He was involved in another act of aggression. This time, Arthur cursed and threatened the journalist Neuton Corrêa, owner News Portal BNC. "With you, it has to be in person. You that distance does not! You're going to shit the moment of truth, understood? Go to fucking hell you!”, He cursed the mayor in a discussion with journalist.

Audio viralizou in social networks, especially in whatsapp groups on the morning of Wednesday (14). Neuton Correa received solidarity of hundreds of journalists, that they charged the category Union an official statement condemning the attitude of Arthur Neto and supporting journalist assaulted.

The distemper of the mayor is already known in the journalistic means. Arthur does not accept to be criticized and always reacts with threats and often asks the head of the professional to the owners of the media.

Listen to the audio of the discussion between Arthur and journalist Neuton Correa in full:

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