Parade School takes 30 one thousand, between public and students, the Sambadrome

With nearly four hours parade, students 236 schools, They paraded under the theme "Education Transforming the Lives of People”.
06/09/2016 09h07 - Updated 9/09/2016 15h06
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To an audience of more than 20 thousand people, that exceeded the expectations of organizers, 10 thousand public school students attended the School Parade in the afternoon of Monday, day 5 of September, in the Amazon Convention Center (Sambadrome), in the center-west. Or event, organized by the Government of Amazonas, through the State Department of Education (Seduc), mark the celebrations of the Amazon Rise to the Province Category, part of the Homeland Week programming and Amazon, which ends on Wednesday, day 7 of September, with the Military Parade.

With nearly four hours parade, students 236 schools, most of the state, They paraded under the theme "Education Transforming the Lives of People”, holding the beginning of the public's attention to the end. Also attending municipal schools of Manaus and, for the first time, schools of Rio Preto da Eva, Presidente Figueiredo, Iranduba and Manacapuru.

“This is a date that should always be celebrated, because that's when the Amazon is replaced by its political autonomy, and school parades like this reinforce a sense of civility both in youth and in the population ", said the governor, Flávio Humberto Preview, who represented the Governor Jose Melo on the Solemnity.

The state Secretary of Education, Algemiro Lima, said the civic spirit of the students and also the public who, according to him, It was beyond expectations. For Secretary, despite the financial difficulties caused by the crisis, schools have excelled using creativity and willpower to make a great presentation at the Sambadrome.

"I have no doubt that this is not just an act of good citizenship, but, about everything, a demonstration of citizenship. The parade is also joy, even in crisis and with difficulty, this year we are doing a foot parade on the floor, but also with the heart ", said the secretary to give as an example the reduction in the number of students parading, that fell from 12 thousand for 10 thousand students. Thereby, the number of buses to transport the students reduced from 200 for 120 vehicles.

He noted that the number of students parading did not mean the reduction of schools. all participated. "We have reduced the size of platoons”, he stressed. Also according to the secretary, the capital event was not the only. In all municipalities, schools of the state took part in the civic parade, mobilizing 589 state schools and over 480 thousand students.

the Sambadrome, the space of the stands and near the track were occupied by families, with the prevalence of youth and, mainly, children. The logistics of technical Francenilde Anselmo said he was keen to go with his father, Elson Ribeiro, and three children in the family, Maria Ayume e Sara Eduarda, both of 6 years, and Ana, from 3 years, to attend the event. "I think it's important we always bringing the kids, it is for them to know value civility and love for the fatherland ".

Battle Fanfares
Martial Bands, popularly called Fanfares, honored tradition of school parades in Manaus with a sideshow, motivated mainly by the Battle of Fanfares, contest held with support of the State Secretariat of Communication (If with) and the Social Promotion Fund (FPS) on the social networks. The winner was the State School Benjamin Brandão Magalhães, who received the champion trophy during the parade, delivered by governor, Humberto Preview.

The Battle of Fanfares consisted of a contest organized by the Social Fanpage Amazon, Government of Amazonas on Facebook. Videos of the finalist schools had more than 188 thousand views during Fanfares Battle on Facebook. The Benjamin School Magalhaes won for having the largest share number: 2.538.

The video of the Petronius Portela State School was the most watched, with 52,608 views. The Fanfares Battle series reached over 540 thousand people on Facebook.

Military schools
Another highlight of the School Parade were the Colleges of the Military Police of Manaus (CMPMs) which ended the parade provoking applause from the audience. CMPM Marcantônio Vilaca, CMPM Waldocke Fricke de Lima, CMPM Aurea Pinheiro Braga, CMPM Eliana Freitas Moraes and CMPM Evandro Carreira, in addition to the College of Military Police of Petrópolis, They joined the parade.

Government of Amazonas celebrates good relations with friendly countries – As part of the celebrations of the Fatherland Week and Amazon, the State Government held the traditional Greetings Solemnity of the Consular Corps based in Manaus, on the morning of Monday, day 5 of September. The ceremony, held at the Great Hall of the Cultural Center Palacio Rio Negro, It was chaired by governor, Judge Flavio Humberto Pascarelli. The tribute is a Government of Amazonas reverence for 35 countries that maintain economic relations, political and cultural ties with the State of Amazonas.

Flávio Pascarelli highlighted the importance of historical date, when the Amazon reaches, no dia 5 September 1850, political autonomy becoming an independent province, at the same time thanked those present for respect and good relations that the countries represented here have with the state. "This is an important moment, because it is when we recognize the friendship that exists between the state of Amazonas and consulates here are represented. We are a significant date that represents the Amazon political autonomy in Brazil and it is revealed important this time of fellowship ".

Dean of the Consular Corps in the State, with 25 years of experience, the honorary consul of Chile, Joaquim Ismael carrazco, He spoke on behalf of other representatives of the countries at the ceremony that ended with a toast to friendship between nations and the traditional official photo of the governor with the consular corps.

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