DMV autua 446 drivers for Homeland Week holiday in Amazon

Agents also caught him unauthorized persons driving, between them, three minors.
08/09/2016 18h30 - Updated 9/09/2016 09h45
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Drivers driving drunk, with the National Driver's License (CNH) due and overdue licensing with vehicle were some of the traffic violations caught by the State Traffic Department agents (DMV-AM) Police and the Traffic Police Battalion Military, during the Homeland Week holiday.

According to the CEO of the DMV-AM, Leonel Feitoza, 446 drivers were fined, 17 them for drunk driving and other 32 with the National Driver's License (CNH) overcome. Agents also caught him unauthorized persons driving, between them, three minors.

"Every day that passes increases our conviction that the way to reduce violations and traffic crimes is to make our tougher legislation. The sense of impunity encourages recklessness, the lack of responsibility of drivers who drive drunk, endangering the lives of others and life itself ", criticizes Leonel Feitoza.

The holder of the DMV-AM also questions the lack of commitment and responsibility of parents who allow their underage children dirijam. "Delivering the car to a child younger than go to ballad is a gesture of disaffection and irresponsibility, unprecedented”, says.

Safety equipment
In addition to performances by drunkenness, CNH won, delay in licensing, They were made other for lack of safety equipment, especially motorcyclists without helmets, vehicle with altered characteristics and violated seal.

In total they were seized 72 vehicles, and 27 cars and 45 motorcycles, e 79 Vehicular Licensing Registration certificates (CRLV), most licensing late.

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