Director of the Social Security Fund has reproved accounts by TEC-AM

The manager has a term of 30 days to return to public coffers the fine amount of R $ 8,8 one thousand.
20/09/2016 18h13 - Updated 20/09/2016 18h13
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The board of the Amazon Court reproached, on the morning of Wednesday (20), accountability of the CEO of the Municipal Fund for Social Welfare of the Public Servants of the municipality of Benjamin Constant (FMPS), Luis Carlos Lopes Garcia, for the financial year 2015. The assessment of the manager's accounts took place during the 33th Ordinary Session.

According to the counselor-rapporteur of the case, Erico Xavier Exile, the decision was based on irregularities such as lack of granular control of contribution due to the lack of management system, contrary to the provisions of Article. 1º, of Law 9.717/98.

Because of the detected improprieties, the college decided to impose a fine in the amount of R $ 8,8 thousand Luis Carlos Lopes Garcia. The manager has a term of 30 days to return the value to the public coffers.

Regular with caveats
The full judged regular with caveats benefits of CEO of the accounts of the Amazon Sanitation Company (Cosama), exercise 2014, Heraldo Beauty Camera, without fines; and director of the Autonomous Water and Sewer Service of Presidente Figueiredo (SAAE), José Menezes Pinheiro, for the financial year 2015. The director was the fine of R $ 5 one thousand, by improprieties account as no referral to the TCE-AM documents, between them, Management Audit Report, the Audit Certificate and the Conclusive opinion of the head of the competent internal control body.

account approved
The accountability of the President of the Economic and Social Development Agency - AADES, exercise 2014, Ana Paula Machado Andrade Aguiar, It was approved without restrictions.

The full yet decided on the filing of accountability of the National Program to Support the Administrative and Fiscal Management of Municipalities, exercise 2015, of responsibility Ulysses Tapajós Neto.

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