AM duplication-070 progresses more 15 km

The works advance the Ariaú Bridge, in Manacapuru, towards Manaus.
14/09/2016 16h46 - Updated 14/09/2016 16h46
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Doubling the AM-070 You are gaining momentum this summer and the works carried out by the State Government in advance more 15 kilometers long. After the first section inaugurated by Governor Jose Melo, that goes from the head of the Rio Negro Bridge to the entrance of Iranduba, others 11 kilometers of duplication have also been finalized.

The works advance the Ariaú Bridge, in Manacapuru, towards Manaus. The first section opened, between Manaus and Iranduba, accounts for nine kilometers in length. after that, the government has completed the duplication of other 11 km. In the current section, but of 100 workers are working in the area, with the movement 70 machines.

While on a stage work focuses on drainage services, Construction and earthmoving subfloor, in another asphalt begins to be released. “The road has acquired the form gradually. We are working in order to give speed with a great staff on hand. We move in the direction back to Manaus, coming from Manacapuru, with a good percentage and constant work. Today you can see the road to enlargement ", said the engineer Ana Lucia de Matos, responsible for supervision of the work by the Ministry of Infrastructure (Seinfra).

Analyzes in laboratories – The supervision of the execution of the work is also accompanied by the collection of material and laboratory tests on the quality of service. Items such as moisture from the ground and the composition of the asphalt layer are analyzed in laboratories. "Most of all is the quality you have to appreciate on a job like this. You control, you be there, and checking all the time if the material is following the rules and engineering parameters. If you are not, You have to redo. Everything here revolves in order to leave a road for it to flow safely and comfortably to the people ", said engineer.

Drivers who travel by AM-070 highlight the importance of the work. Security and development in the region are more points mentioned. According to the broker lots Marisa Salgado, who lives in Iranduba, duplication is already bringing results. "I think it will help reduce accident rates here in the region. I live in Cocoa Pirêra and have lost some friends because of the road conditions. I believe we just have to improve for farmers, for people here in the region ".

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