During the walk 40, Serafim announced that students will pay half pass at the turnstile

The announcement was made in the Joint Oswaldo Frota, New City neighborhood on Sunday (18).
19/09/2016 07h47 - Updated 19/09/2016 07h47
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sun under 40 degrees, Serafim Correa and Cristiane Balieiro led the walk from PSB, not Sunday (18), the Joint Oswaldo Frota, in the New Town neighborhood, North Zone. Applicants to the Manaus city, accompanied by members and supporters, They invaded the set of streets, where they were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm by the residents who have requested the return of the 'Sarafa' and 'Domingueira', located in its municipal management (2005-2008), where manauara used public transport paying only $ 1,00 on Sundays.

Serafim Correa announced that during his new administration will be the return of the payment of half pass students at the turnstile. "People Oswaldo Frota asked about good things that were made in our administration as the 'Domingueira'. And I've been listening to this request where step. Talking to a group of students, today, I announced that my administration will also return half ratchet. It makes no sense to force students to have to go to the headquarters of Sinetram (Union of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies) supply your Easy Pass. Like this, they can pay half the turnstile, what will end this humiliation they are subjected to every day ".

The autonomous Heberson Person Vasques, from 45 years, He said the 'Domingueira' must vote. "The Domingueira was a spectacle when the program worked here. The time integration is now very failure. Sometimes you catch a bus, the mechanism to get another for free should be up to an hour, therethrough 40 minutes and you already have to pay another passage ". He also made complaints about the revitalization of the way, as resurfacing done poorly in any of them, for example. "In relation to neighborhood problems, however the infrastructure in general is not bad, what we see is poor quality asphalt. His patch is made one day and the other day falls again. The resurfacing was done recently here, but it is already bad ", said autonomic.

The teacher Cristiane Balieiro assessed the walk 40 positive and stressed that "almost everyone is asking around Domingueira". "Tour de Domingueira" is basically a hashtag that has engulfed the campaign since its inception. People want good conditions for work. The affection of the people is the same: always embracing Sarafa, taking pictures with us. The reception was very good and positive. It is our daily dose of courage to move forward in the campaign ".

Para 'Sarafa', the feeling of accomplishment is. "The affection of the people of Oswaldo Frota is great who put water in the North Zone. I am proud of what I did this in my administration. We're coming down the stretch with a sense of accomplishment and the feeling of standing in the second round. Let's move on!”.

The candidate Joaquin Lucena was the organizer of the walk and was pleased with the reception of neighborhood residents. “Very happy and motivated to address the demands of the neighborhood. we need light poles, streets with holes, that has to change”, said Lucena.

Applicants There Assi, that operates in, and Sergeant Pereirinha also attended the walk, as well as other applicants.

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