Eduardo Braga denies involvement in corruption case

In a statement the PMDB said repudiate the publication made by the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo that connects the tuition fee payment scheme in the amount of R $ 30 millions.
27/09/2016 17h50 - Updated 27/09/2016 17h54
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Senator Eduardo Braga, in a statement sent to the press on the afternoon of Tuesday (27), denied newspaper allegations O Estado de Sao Paulo that connects the case of corruption in a bribery payment scheme in the amount of R $ 30 million involving senators PMDB and associates to lobbyist Milton de Oliveira Lyra Filho who was the target of the 35th stage of Operation Lava Jato (Omerta), erupted on Monday (28).

The newspaper says that investigations identified Lyra links with bribe givers Odebrecht through spreadsheets "kickbacks department" company.

In response, Braga, He said his relationship with Milton Lyra 'boils down to a social relationship’ in Brasilia and the newspaper's accusations are false.

Read the statement in full:
“Dislike publication by the newspaper Estado de São Paulo, information according to which the former director of the Group Institutional Relations Hypermarcas, Nelson Mello, I would have paid R $ 30 million two lobbyists with traffic in Congress to make transfers to senators Romero Juca, Renan Calheiros and myself.

I did not receive any donations the company Hypermarcas, I do not know her, and my relationship with this Milton Lyra boils down to a social relationship here in Brasilia. I met him at the home of Senator Renan Calheiros. I was just introduced to it and never had any other relationship with the same”.

Eduardo Braga

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