effective 6 thousand police officers will be deployed in the capital and countryside in elections 2016

Policing in Manaus will have approximately 5 thousand police officers and involves all operational troops.
30/09/2016 15h57 - Updated 30/09/2016 15h57
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The Amazon Military Police (PMAM) continues running Operation Plan for municipal elections this year. In capital, it was assembled, at the headquarters of the General Command of the institution, on the street Benjamin Constant, No. 316, neighborhood Petrópolis, South of Manaus, an Operation Command Center (CCOP) to monitor the actions performed by PMAM on election day.

According to the general commander of PMAM, Colonel Augusto Sergio Farias Pereira, the CCOP will support major commands that will be with the troops on the streets. "This is an action that involves all the organs of the Public Security System. We are working in partnership with the Regional Electoral Court and the military. We will run a similar plan to the election of 2014, an efficient model, to ensure the safety of people participating in the elections, the security of polling stations and ballot boxes the TRE '', He concluded the commander.

In the capital are 438 polling places. Military Police will be responsible for 207 these sites are in southern areas, Centro-Sul, West and Midwest. The Army will be responsible for 231 polling sites comprising the Northern areas, East and part of the Midwest.

Policing in the city will have approximately 5 thousand police officers and involves all operational troops subordinated to the Metropolitan Policing Commands (CPM), Specialized policing (CPE), Environmental policing (CPAmb) e do Interior (CPI). There will also be the use of other battalions, as Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam), Cavalry, Shock Battalion, Mars and Tactical Force.

The state
The Amazonas Military Police has already sent to all 61 Amazonas State municipalities, approximately 1.100 men should join the already established effective at these sites, strengthening policing.

The general deputy of PMAM, Colonel Euler Lamb, He explains that the institution is acting as the demand requested by the TRE. "All municipalities in the state are getting booster. The demands are requested a follow-up results from the electoral judges of each county responsible for presiding over the election. In cases of electoral crimes or other, the troops will act according to the law and the rules of the organization ", finished Subcomandante.

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