High school: Portuguese and mathematics are only mandatory. See what changes

The definition is provisional measure (MP) signed by President Michel Temer.
23/09/2016 08h01 - Updated 23/09/2016 14h55
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Portuguese and mathematics are the only two curriculum components required in the three years of high school, according to the new model for the step announced on Thursday (22), for the government. The definition is provisional measure (MP) signed by President Michel Temer. currently, step is 13 compulsory subjects for the three years.

The MP provides the flexibility of high school in order to make it more attractive to the young, according to Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho. The curriculum components that should be taught in the period must be defined in the Common National Base Curriculum, which will begin to be discussed in the next month and should be set to the middle of next year, according to the Ministry of Education.

According to the provisional measure, near 1,2 thousand hours, half of all high school time, They will be allocated to the mandatory content defined by the National Database. In the rest of training, students may choose to follow five paths: languages, mathematics, natural sciences, humanities – model used also in the division of the evidence of the National High School Exam (one) – and technical and vocational training.

"The new high school has as its main assumption the youth protagonism. Today is quite a cast. This model goes in the direction of flexibility ", said Mendonça Filho.

Art and Physical Education

Or text, amending the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (lei 9.394/1996), determines the order the obligation of the art education and physical education in high school. The subjects will be compulsory only in kindergarten and elementary.

The changes will be worth 180 days after publication of the National Base, that is, do not modify the current curriculum. According to the Basic Education Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Rossieli Silva, the intention is to wipe the law the high school obrigatoriedades. "Now the National Database have to say what is and what is not compulsory in this one and a half. If I'm going to set emphases, how can I get all the world's content? If I say that 13 content are required?”, questioned.

according to Silva, arts and physical education, as well as content such as philosophy and sociology will certainly be guaranteed in the National Curriculum Base common and may again be required.


English becomes a compulsory foreign language to be taught in all high schools. Other languages ​​can be taught in optional character.

MP opens the possibility that the states have more autonomy in decisions relating to this stage of basic education. An education system can, for example, set a credit system, in which a student attends certain periods and, if you leave school, can resume the course where you left off and has not, necessarily, to attend a full year.

It is also planned in the MP that the credits earned by students in this case can be leveraged in higher education, after standardization of the National Council of Education (CNE) and approval by MEC. Upon entering the university or technological education, the school life of the student will be considered and it will not need to take courses that involve knowledge and skills you already have.


The reform also provides that the annual minimum workload step should be progressively expanded to 1,4 thousand hours, which will make full high school, with 7 hours per day.

The MEC is expected that the first groups that follow the formation according to the New School beginning on 2018, after approval of the Base and MP by Congress. There is no deadline for school systems suited to changes, but the National Council of Education Secretaries (consed) works with the schedule of the National Education Plan (PNE), that must be implemented by 2024.

Technical education

Among the paths that students can choose is the technical training. Students will be certified and their training itineraries will allow the continuation of studies. This training opportunity will occur within the regular program, without the need for the student to be enrolled in full-time. In technical education, students can be certified every step that meet, getting a certification of skills acquired over there.

The technical classes will be taught by professionals with notable knowledge – that is, no specific academic training in the field who teaches -, recognized by their education systems to deliver content related to their training. "This is not true for other content, if I have the philosophy of education, I will continue to have to be a trained teacher in philosophy, it does not change. It is only for technical education ", said Secretary of Basic Education.


Reform of high school came to be prioritized by the government after Brazil failed, for two consecutive years, meet the targets set for this stage of formation. Data from the Education Development Index Basic (Ideb), which measures the quality of education in the country, show that high school is what is worse off when compared to the initial and final grades of primary education: a goal for 2015 It was note 4,3, but the index was 3,7.

currently, high school has 8 million students, number includes students from public and private schools. According to the Ministry of Education, while the primary school dropout rate was 1,9%, the medium reached 6,8%. Already fail the fundamental level is 8,2%, versus 11,5% in high school.

Source: Agency Brazil

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