State guarantees health units in operation managed by the operation targets Bad Paths

A management group will be formed to ensure that calls to the population are not prejudiced.
21/09/2016 09h35 - Updated 21/09/2016 15h09
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The Amazonas State Government reported on Tuesday (20), who asked the Federal Police, through the General Comptroller of the State (CGE), access to the investigations of the Institute New Paths. The social organization has a contract to manage the units, UPA Campos Salles, In Manaus, Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependence (CRDQ), in Black River Eva and UPA 24 hours and Maternity Nurse Celina Ruiz villacrez, Tabatinga.

The Government also determined, the State Department of Health (SESAME), immediately start the direct monitoring of the management of health units served by the Institute. A management group will be formed to ensure that calls to the population are not prejudiced. The government has determined, that within the review work of the health network contracts being done by the state, is immediately checked the contract with Social Organization. The state says it is not the subject of investigations and taking steps to work with whatever is necessary.

The measure was taken before the Amazonas Federal Public Ministry (MPF-AM) determine that the state would guarantee the functioning of the units so that the population was not affected.

About Operation

The group involved in Operation Maus had Paths Emergency Unit management contracts Customer (UPA) Campos Sales, In Manaus; Maternity Nurse Celina Ruiz villacrez, Tabatinga; and Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependence (CRDQ) Amazonas State, in Rio Preto da Eva.

With the arrests and the suspension of contracts, MPF drew attention to the fact that the units would be headless, with interruption risk of health services. To avoid damage to the population, the agency requested the court to determine the state intervention to ensure the continuity of services provided in these units, based on what the Constitution says and State Law 3.900/13.

According to the legislation, it is the duty of public administration communicate irregularity acts in the use of resources or public goods source that has knowledge to the competent authorities and take measures so that no interruption of public service management contract object. The government in turn, if it preceded and took the necessary measures so that the Amazonian population is not impaired in relation to calls.

Control Network AM

The calculation of work and elucidation of the case is being carried out in coordination between the MPF / AM, the Federal Police, the Comptroller General and the Internal Revenue Service, as part of the results of integration between the organs promoted by the Public Management Network Control in the Amazon, designed to reduce bureaucratic distances between the surveillance and control institutions and ensure greater efficiency in the fight against corruption in the state. Upon completion of the police investigation by the Federal Police, the case goes to the MPF analyze the results and decide the criminal action against the accused offering.

Source: AM POST e MPF-AM

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