Former director of the State Superintendent of Navigation has reproved accounts and is fined US $ 1.2 million

The failure is for the financial year 2014 manager.
27/09/2016 18h05 - Updated 27/09/2016 18h05
Photo: Ana Cláudia Jatahy / TCE-AM

The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), reproached the accountability of the former executive director of the State Superintendent of Navigation, Ports and Waterways (SNPH), Claudio de Souza, for the financial year 2014 during the 34th session held on Tuesday (27).

According to the rapporteur of the case, director Mario Mello, which was followed by other members of the college, the belated presentation of accountability, in addition to the failure to prove the supply of chemical toilets by the company Toilets Event Productions and administrative checks withdrawals without proof of allocation in the public interest were some of the inadequacies that led to failure. The amount to be returned to public funds by the former director of SNPH is higher than R $ 1,2 million.

The provision of the Water and Sewage Autonomous Service accounts (SAAE) Barcelos, referring to Exercise 2014, Hemetério Gomes Queiroz liability, He was also deemed irregular by the Hearing Officer, Julio Pinheiro. Between fines and glosses, the value to be returned by the manager is $ 19,1 one thousand, because of irregularities found, including the absence of Book Tombo and organ goods registration report; and no daily report on granted without detachment of proof. The deadline for returning the amount is 30 days.

regular accounts Semef
Also during the 34th Ordinary Session, full judged three installments of the former municipal secretary Alfredo Paes liability accounts, for the financial year 2012 the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Affairs, finances, Planning and Information Technology of the Manaus City Hall (Semef); Modernization Program of the Tax Administration (PMAT), coordinated by Semef, exercise 2012; Supervised and Resources for Semef, exercise 2012. The decision was the regularity without fines in three installments.

Benefits of approved accounts
They were approved the provision of the public prosecutor of Amazonas Support Fund accounts - FAMP / AM, exercise 2014, the responsibility of the attorneys general of Justice Francisco das Chagas da Cruz Santiago (from 01.01.2014 a 13.10.2014) and Carlos Braga Fabio Monteiro (from 14.10.2014 a 31.12.2004); the office of the deputy mayor of the city of Manaus, exercise 2015, of responsibility Ramiz Wladimir Braga Santos; the Executive Secretary of the Social Promotion Fund – FPS, exercise 2015, Vania Maria Barbosa Cyrino; and former Secretary of Social Communication (Without with), the exercise 2015, Lucia Carla da Gama Rodrigues.

Regular with caveats
The full regular still judged with caveats, without fines, the provision of ex accounts- Secretary of the Municipal Works Department - SEMOSB, exercise 2003, Paul Jacob Herban Son; and the Executive Secretary of the State Planning Secretariat, development, Science, Technology and inovation, exercise 2014, Ronney César Campos Peixoto.

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