Missing 20 days: Today is the deadline for replacement candidates

Replacement is allowed when the applicant is considered ineligible, resign or die.
12/09/2016 11h51 - Updated 12/09/2016 12h04
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We are at 20 days before the election and today (12) It is the last day of the deadline for the application request registration resulting from replacement candidates. The Election Law (No law 9.504/1997) allows the party or coalition replace the candidate who is deemed ineligible, resign or die after the final term of the registration deadline or, still, have your registration rejected or canceled. The replacement may be required to 20 days of the election and must be made within 10 days after the fact that generated a need. The exception only occurs in case of death, when replacement can be requested even after the deadline, within ten days after the death.

If the candidate for mayor belonging to a coalition, the replacement shall be made by decision of an absolute majority of the executive bodies of direction of political parties related, The alternate be affiliated with any of the parties that integrate, since the political party to which he belonged substituted renounce the right of first refusal. When the replacement candidates for major office occurs after the generation of tables for drawing up the list of candidates and preparation of ballot boxes, the replacement competes with the name, the number and the replaced photograph (the ballot box), and recipient of the votes allocated to replaced.

In case of replacement, it is up to the political party or coalition substitute disclose to the fact electorate for clarification. But this does not prevent other applicants, parties and coalitions to do so, as well as the Electoral Court itself, including in polling stations, when given or authorized by the competent electoral authority. In case of expulsion, the political party can the candidate's registration cancellation to the date of election.

Source: TSE

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