Son of Adail has denied registration application in Coari

decision, judge says denied request to avoid “perpetuation of the family dynasty” in the city.
07/09/2016 13h41 - Updated 7/09/2016 13h41
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The judge of the 8th Electoral Area, in Coari, Fábio Lopes Alfaia, He denied the application to record Adail José Figueiredo Pinheiro candidate (PP), son of the former mayor of Coari, Adail Pinheiro, who is running for mayor in the city, by coalition “The Progress brand”. The daughter of Adail, Mayara Monique Pinheiro Figueiredo, who is a candidate for deputy mayor, also had the denied application record.

In its decision, the judge says justified to grant the record would promote "elective monarchy" and "perpetuating family dynasty in the city". In the opinion of the judge, the application Adailzinho is presented as a way to keep the same political group in power since the father is unable to compete in the elections to be arrested and ineligible. The decision was published on Tuesday (6) the electoral registry of Coari, and still subject to appeal in the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM).

"Could not, therefore, said citizen apply for election in the election of 2012 and could not register his candidacy in the electoral process now under way due to the above ineligibility situation, afigurando is clear that the statement of their children, devoid of any historical ballast, social and political in this community and supported solely by provided to them by the charismatic figure and the political and administrative history of its parent - respecting here the very personal qualities of the candidates and prays applicants - serves as only a subterfuge for the citizen MANOEL Adail AMARAL PINHEIRO can guarantee electoral success of his political group ", said the judge in his decision.

Adail Father

Adail Pinheiro was convicted in 2014 accused of heading a network of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the city of Coari, where he was elected mayor three times. We had revoked the mandate and today is serving in a closed system in one of the Policing Special Command cells (CPE) Military Police.

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