Supervisory intercity transport will be strengthened in the electoral period

In addition to the regular transport, chartered vehicles will also be stopped by the supervisory barriers.
30/09/2016 13h49 - Updated 1/10/2016 14h59
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Amazonians voters, which will move to the origin of municipalities to vote on election campaign, They will have the security of their paths strengthened the oversight of the Regulatory Agency Amazon Granted Public Services (Arsam). In capital, the reinforcement will be focused on fixed-point support in partnership with the Military Police, Civil, Federal Highway and State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM). The main approach of points will be the Road Huascar Angelim, the exit barrier for highways BR-174 (Manaus - Boa Vista) e AM-010 (Manaus - Itacoatiara) and the Rio Negro Bridge. In addition to the regular transport, chartered vehicles will also be stopped by the supervisory barriers.

They will be observed safety items and the fulfillment of the right to gratuity for the elderly, minor, disabled or retired for disability persons. To enjoy the benefit, It should be carried out reservation three hours before. If the places are already occupied all the mandatory discount is 50% the value of the ticket.

For the largest passenger flow as municipalities Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Itapiranga and Presidente Figueiredo (respectively 68, 176, 227 e 117 kilometers from Manaus, in a straight line), flywheels operations will be carried out which will aim to verify the capacity of passengers. The intercity bus fleet, regulated by Arsam, it's composed by 120 vehicles that operate 16 lines, administered by five companies: Eucatur, arowana, Trans express, Master and Emetram. The Arsam called on these companies extra bus availability due to the election period.

The Arsam will also monitor the flow of vehicles and passengers from the Command and Control Regional (CICC-R) what, in this period, will bring together federal agencies, state and municipal to expedite incident resolution that may occur. Between them: Civil defense, Manaustrans, Samu, Cindacta 4, Amazon Military Command (CMA), Project Management Unit Cup (UGP-Cup), Military police, Civil police, Magistrate General, Fire Department, Federal police, Brazilian Intelligence Agency (what) and others. Complaints and denunciations may directed to tax at the point of support.

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