State Indian Foundation encourages production and sale of indigenous crafts

The FEI has articulated with various public devices ways to facilitate and optimize the production and sale of handicrafts.
06/09/2016 09h14 - Updated 6/09/2016 09h14
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In Manaus, a new generation of Kokamas, Kambebas, Ticunas, Saterês and Apurinãs awakens to the world of entrepreneurship by stimulating the production and sale of indigenous crafts given by the Government of Amazonas, through the State Indian Foundation (FEI).

Founded in January, the Foundation has linked to a series of public provisions of the State and the City, ways to facilitate and optimize the production and sale of handicrafts made by the population of over 30 indigenous communities in the Amazon capital.

"We want to increase productivity and mainly sales. Getting place for these communities are able to exhibit their products and increase their profits is essential for entrepreneurship is developed with indigenous ", said the CEO of FEI, Raimundo Atroari.

Still according to Raymond, the training of artisans will also be essential to this economic process. "Among other things, we are negotiating with the Department of Labor State (Setrab) to conduct courses for people already working with craft and who want to enter this market ", completed.

Over 120 people, who have the sale of handicrafts as the main income, The sso ciação Co in nidade Wotchimaücü, formed by indigenous ethnic Ticuna, It is one of the first beneficiaries by the FEI initiative. The Community Wotchimaücü Association develops the craft from 2002 and markets its products with prices ranging from R $ 5 a R$ 30.

"The craft came to us as a source of income in urban areas, since activities such as fishing, agriculture and hunting are not viable in a capital like Manaus ", Peres revealed or cacique Agnilsson.

According to him, entrepreneurship among indigenous peoples is still very new and should be encouraged. "We have beautiful materials and great commercial potential. What we lack is space sales and training ", completed.

The State Indian Foundation was established in January 2016, with institutional purpose of implementing the ethnodevelopment policy of the State in partnership with other institutions of the federal, state and municipal, with communities, indigenous organizations and non-governmental entities, with activities aimed at sustainable development and preservation of cultural and historical values ​​for indigenous peoples.

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