Foundation celebrates Hemoam 10 year partnership with Fapeam in projects under the PAIC

Results of the work cycle 2015/2016 It was presented on Friday by stock exchange.
02/09/2016 15h25 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h25
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To celebrate 10 years that conducts research under the Support Program for Scientific Initiation (Pack) State Government, through the Foundation for the State of Amazonas Research (Fapeam), the Hospital Foundation of Hematology of the Amazon (FHemoam) date or cycle 2015/2016 PAIC of projects with the presentation of the work of 30 the institution fellows.

The ceremony of closing of this cycle and the culmination of a decade of partnership between the two foundations took place on the morning of Friday (2) in the Amazon Technological Education Center auditorium (Cetam), in Pedro Teixeira Avenue, Dom Pedro neighborhood, Midwest zone of Manaus, with the talks of President of FHemoam, the doctor Nelson Fraiji and technical-scientific director of Fapeam, Dr. Andrea Waichman.

Fraiji highlighted the support of Fapeam and said, the last decade, the Support Foundation has been a great ally. these 10 years, Fapeam financially supported over 200 Give unpacked Fhemokm Bolss.

For the former coordinator of the Scientific Initiation Program in Haematology Hospital, researcher Adriana Malheiro Alle Marie, the partnership between the institutions featured in a major technological breakthrough for the Hematology Foundation. according to her, with the features implemented through PAIC scholarships over the years, It enabled the institution to expand its research, get more inputs and new technologies to your lab, in addition to training human resources. "We changed our whole research structure because of that, because we start to put students in scientific projects that were developing the time. It was a breakthrough because, with time, we have expanded the number of scholarships and the PAIC, from 2010, We began to have 30 bags ", said researcher.

In the year of 2006, when FHemoam pushed through research funding under the PAIC / Fapeam, He started the project with 12 bags, second recalled Adriana Malheiros. The researcher celebrates the high level of research that the hospital has achieved over the past decade, Via pack, she said, It has evolved. "Today we managed to projects with high technology and our infrastructure has improved greatly, beyond the scientific training of students ", He stressed.

new grants
For the new coordinator of PAIC in Hematology Foundation, Allyson Guimarães da Costa, version 2016/2017 the program already has 15 selected projects will receive the contribution and Fapeam, inclusive, Fellows have started their research a month ago.

According to him, the main areas to be studied in this new phase are: oncohematológicas diseases; transfusion safety; hematology; and hemotherapy.

The researcher highlights the partnership with Fapeam, since the Foundation provides funds for research that the hospital does not have. "We are starting to direct more resources now. Always count on the help of funding agencies, as Fapeam, Finep and CNPq. The Fapeam has helped us a lot, because beyond PAIC, now we have the master's program that offers scholarships and financial aid from the institution ", disse Allyson.

Encouraging research
The Support Program for Scientific Initiation of Fapeam has awarded more than 33 mil pouches over the last 13 years, He reported the technical-scientific director of the institution, Dr. Andrea Waichman, whose investments totaled, in the same period, R$ 572 millions.

First scholarship program created by Fapeam, the PAIC started in 2003 with 522 bags, reaching in 2015, 4.569 research supported by the institution. currently, 14 bodies between universities and health foundations have research projects supported by Fapeam, within the PAIC. "The PAIC is a beloved program in Fapeam. But, we have a lot still to do. research funding is still something very young in the state. By the way, no Brasil, for the undergraduate program in the country only has 40 years", said Andrea Waichman.

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