Natural gas has record consumption by industries, trades and Manaus stations

In August this year the use of natural gas peaked in Manaus.
15/09/2016 14h32 - Updated 15/09/2016 14h32
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The use of natural gas in industries, trades and Manaus gas stations reached its peak in August this year, averaging 107.942 distributed cubic meters per day, largest non-thermal consumption from the start of commercial operations of Amazonas Gas Company (Cigás), in 2010. With 86% this total, the industrial sector was highlighted with 92.467 m³ / day for the 34 Business.

A year and five months using natural gas for the production of stamped metal artifacts, Metalúrgica Sato is one of the responsible for the increase in fuel consumption in the Industrial Pole of Manaus. "We noted a relative improvement in the economic scenario and, for the type of segment that we operate, natural gas is making all the difference ", He explained the director Fernando Moschini, which uses natural gas in three greenhouse equipment.

currently, the Cigás serves the following industries: Ambev, Bike Norte, Carboman, waxes Johnson, Climazon, Coca Cola, DDW, Flax tapes, Keihin, Metalfino, Honda Moto, Honda- HCA, Neotec, Novamed, Nissin Brake, Procoating, Saint Gobain, Samsung, Videos, Yamaha, Video IV, Eternit, Universal, Sato, Ripasa, Klabin, Daido, Daikin, FCC, Showa, Sodeco, Metalsete, Caloi and Corprint.

And five gas stations, natural gas is also used to Shopping Ponta Negra, West of Manaus, industrial laundry wash and Dry Pass, not Industrial District, e no Hotel Holiday Inn, in the south. these companies, the fuel has different applications: use in boilers, ovens, generators, cafeterias, ovens, stoves, among other uses.

The savings of up to 40% relative to other fuels and reducing emissions are determining factors for the expansion of natural gas use in the Amazon. "At lower cost and practicality, natural gas is an ally against the economic crisis and fundamental in the development of the market and the region as a whole ", highlights the commercial technical director of Cigás, Clovis Correia Junior.

Benefits of natural gas
Natural gas can be used for baking, cook and keep food warm in thermal trays. For this, just convert ovens, stoves and burners. Through passage heaters or "boilers", gas produces hot water in the taps, which makes it easier to degrease objects. The fuel usage also reduces the risk LPG storage, dispenses refueling operations with trucks and the payment is made after consumption.

By having a clean burning, the fuel does not emit particulate and also significantly reduces downtime for cleaning, representing operation and maintenance gains. All this without counting the quality gains: due to the chemical composition, natural gas reaches ideal temperature curves and ensures high quality standards, providing more competitive end product.

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