Governor Jose Melo wants input from the federal government in the fish farming expansion program in the Amazonas

Melo is serving a busy schedule of meetings in Brasilia, seeking negotiations consolidation with the federal government.
13/09/2016 11h54 - Updated 13/09/2016 12h02
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Delivering intense agenda of ministerial meetings in Brasilia (DF) this week, Governor Jose Melo has managed to extend the negotiations for resources for new investments in the state. With the Acting Minister Eumar Novack (Farming, Livestock and Supply – MAP), forward the negotiations for the entry of the federal government incentive program to the Amazon fish.

The partnership that has been sewn by the governor to help expand the reach of fish farming program, that make up the Economic Matrix Environmental Amazon. The action plan led to the federal government provides for joint efforts in the technical area and the injection of funds by the Union in targeted projects to small farmers, including integrated systems and cooperatives.

Technical Secretariat of Amazonas Rural Production (Sepror) and map back to look into the proposal in two weeks. "The Amazon has the ideal conditions to breed fish in captivity and make this economic activity a development alternative within. It is a natural vocation that our government has prioritized. We want to leverage the model and federal participation will be of utmost importance. In addition to support small, we are working to attract private sector investment ", said the governor.

Between 2015 e 2016, the Amazonas government provides financial support of approximately R $ 50 million for strengthening the fish. The government arrangement ensures the deployment of tanks dug in rural properties, technical assistance and the donation of fingerlings (puppies), no cost to the producer, in addition to funding for the purchase of inputs and feed.

In the action package to enable the activity, the government concluded and made the maintenance of fingerling production stations in Balbina and Humaita and is revisiting the legislation governing fisheries production systems. currently, the state government has plans for creating fish running in Presidente Figueiredo, Manacapuru, Humaita, Anori, Itacoatiara and Rio Preto da Eva.

"The meeting was extremely positive. We take our actions to leverage the creation of fish in captivity in the state. The proposal is very interesting because the bulk of the audience is the small producer, is in fish farming activity, fruit or creating small ", said the owner of Sepror, Sidney Milk, accompanying the governor on the agenda in Brasilia.

Resources for vaccination against FMD – Another agenda led by Governor Jose Melo to the Ministry of Agriculture was the need for resources for the Eradication of Foot-program. The expectation is that R $ 3 million will be released to support the FMD control from October.

"The State Department will join forces in an integrated project. In the next years, we will also work together in the goal of making the FMD-free with vaccination Amazonas ", said Sidney Leite.

Jose Melo also claims the inclusion of the Amazon between the beneficiaries of the Provisional Measure 733, establishing standards for renegotiation and settlement of debts with rural credit for farmers who lost money because of the drought in northeast.

The Amazonas Government assessment is that support in the same direction should be granted to state farmers, which has accumulated financial losses due to drought and floods above normal. "The Amazon experienced five floods followed and it hurt quite our producers, who lost much of the crop. We believe that this measure benefited the northeast should also be employed for the Amazon ", He argued the Secretary of Rural Production.

Meeting in the Supreme

The governor Jose Melo continued with his agenda in Brasilia, early on Tuesday, attending the meeting of governors with the new chief justice, Minister Carmen Lucia, in which they were treated health-related issues, economy, among others. In this ocasion, Jose Melo defended general rules for the granting of tax incentives, putting an end to tax war. "The tax war between states just not benefiting anyone. The Federal Government could captaining uniformity in relation to the grant rules of tax incentives ", He called on the governor to the minister.

Melo also asked the supreme support regarding resources descontingenciamento for the penitentiary system of states and for review by Petrobras of the criteria for payment of oil and gas royalties. Another issue, according to the governor, should be analyzed with criteria is the legalization of health, phenomenon in which governments are being forced to pay for treatments and medications with high prices, no budget for this coverage, in the case of drugs that are not on the list of the Unified Health System.

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