Government of Amazonas performs recovery campaign of museums

The project aims to offer the visitor experiences palatable, By means of a "menu" schedules that have fixed activities and so-called "plates month".
15/09/2016 14h19 - Updated 15/09/2016 14h19
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Campaign "Try Museums" aims to promote a new relationship between the spaces and the community, and runs until the end of September. The Government of Amazonas, through the Secretary of State for Culture (SEC), place until the day 29 of September, Try the Museums campaign, in order to promote a dialogue between museums and community, for free, through new experiences and approaches of assets of SEC.

Participate in the campaign Tiradentes Museum, the Museum of Image and Sound, the Amazonas State Pinacoteca, the Archaeology Museum, the Numismatic Museum Bernardo Ramos, the North Man Museum and the Museum Casa Eduardo Ribeiro, with various activities, as views of documentaries, cultural performances, thematic visitations, among other activities.

According to the director of the Department of Museums of the Department of Culture, cleia Viana, the project aims to offer the visitor experiences palatable, By means of a "menu" schedules that have fixed activities and so-called "plates month", as presentations, lectures and guided tours, to be tasted. "In this way, we aim to offer unique experiences, so visitors have the opportunity to interact with the acquis under the most varied looks, arousing his interest, visitor, to return to the museum and get a new experience ", explains the director.

For the Secretary of State for Culture, Robério Braga, the proposed new museology is that museums pass contemplative spaces to spaces of social interaction and dialogue with the community. "Much more than collection of conservation areas, museums present themselves as knowledge transmission places. It is the museum that can travel to the past, stroll in the present and think about the future ", highlights.

In this Saturday (17), Tiradentes Museum, located not Mansion Provincial, in Manaus Center, performs the "Visit with the character" of the fire in the church Manaus Matrix 1850, which also happens on 24 of September.

Tuesday, day 20, It is the turn of Eduardo Ribeiro House Museum, located on the street José Clemente, Center, in honor of the Theatre Day, receive the presentation of "Creative Processes" of the students of the School of Arts and Crafts Claudio Santoro.

On thursday (22), from 9 am, the Archaeology Museum, Provincial situated not Mansion, It presents short documentaries about excavations of archaeological sites in the Amazon. On the same day, the Casa Museo Eduardo Ribeiro displays cartoon in celebration of Arbor Day.

On Friday, 23, The Museum also receives education lecture in Museums, com Frank James Brandão, professor and specialist in Education.

Sunday (25) is the turn of the Casa Museo Eduardo Ribeiro perform the traditional guided tour with characters featured in clothes of the century 19 and an actor playing the governor Eduardo Ribeiro. On thursday (29), the campaign ends with the presentation of "Corner Beré", at 10 am, the Numismatic Museum Bernardo Ramos, and Northern Man Museum, At the same time, Cine Popcorn displays movie in honor of the National Day of Older Persons.

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