Government of Amazonas will support the MEC for expansion of all-day schools

The goal is to build more 18 schools in this model in the Amazon aimed at high school.
23/09/2016 16h49 - Updated 23/09/2016 16h49
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Next week the Government of Amazonas will sign with the Ministry of Education a membership term for the expansion program of full-time schools. The goal is to build more 18 schools in this model in the Amazon aimed at high school. currently, the state has a network of 70 full-time schools (capital e interior), and 24 of them aimed at high school. Another five are nearing completion for the next school year and ten are in the bidding process, according to information from the State Department of Education (Seduc).

The expansion of full-time education was one of the topics addressed by the governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, and the State Secretary of Education, Algemiro Lima Filho, who've been to Brasilia to follow the official presentation of the School recast proposal, on Thursday, 22 of September. The increased workload of high schools, from five to seven hours (classifying them as full-time) and the flexibility of the curriculum for vocational content integration in the curriculum are some of the changes proposed by the Provisional Measure (MP) announced by President Michel Temer and the Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho.

During the announcement of the new proposal, which was attended by several governors, the participation of José Melo and Pernambuco governor, Paul Hall, They were highlighted by the Minister of Education, depending on the progress made in the Education Development Index Basic (Ideb). Amazon and Pernambuco were the only states that showed growth in IDEB in high school.

Priority in Education
Jose Melo, returning to Manaus on Friday (23), He said he was optimistic about the new direction announced for education in Brasilia, mainly because the model comes against what he was already proposing to the Amazon. "We chose the full-time teaching as one of the priorities of our government, and vocational education. This proposed easing of the curriculum comes at a good time, because we will be able to offer our students the possibility of being able to have a technical course in high school ", said the governor.

Although not part of the curriculum, currently, the State Government, offer technical courses for students who are completing their last year of high school or who have already completed. The classes, offered by Amazon Technological Education Center (Cetam), They happen at night taking advantage of the time that the all-day schools are not working.

The State Secretary for Education, Algemiro Filho, who was at the meeting of the State Board of Education (consed), said the challenge in Brasilia is that in two years 50% of high schools are working full-time, although there is no deadline for achieving the goal. According to him, the first time the Ministry of Education will provide additional resources to encourage full time. The state will receive R $ 2 thousand more / year for each student enrolled in this modality, out the resources to expand the physical network.

"In addition to strengthening federal, we have the assurance of Governor Jose Melo increase 25% for 30% the budget itself the value of the transfer for Education ", said Secretary. He announced that the municipalities of Humaita, Coari, Manipur and Borba start the next school year with a school full-time each, besides Itacoatiara which should open its unit two months later. Ten other schools, that will be built through a partnership with the IDB, They are in the bidding stage.

youth leadership
About changes in the curriculum, the secretary said that they have to ensure youth participation in relation to their training. “Com a MP, the curriculum will be more flexible and the student will choose the subjects you want to attend according to their areas of interest. This is the challenge of our century, ensure the conditions for young people to make their decisions about the future ", said Secretary to strengthen the state has been adopting programs in order to make schools more attractive, as the computerization of education through the Learn More and More Amazon Online programs. Besides that, 44 thousand students from rural communities study through Mediated Learning program by Technology, the Seduc.

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