Strike bank has lasted 23 days, the highest since 2004

currently, bank receive a floor of R $ 1.976,10 (R$ 2.669,45 in the case of employees who work in cash or cash).
28/09/2016 08h54 - Updated 28/09/2016 08h54
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The strike by bank, which entered today (28) in its 23rd day, It is already the longest third since 2004, when the stoppage came 30 days. In 2013, the second largest of the period, the strike had 24 days. Yesterday, after meeting with the National Federation of Banks (Fenaban), the National Command Bank said that the bank representatives signaled with a new model agreement, which will be valid for two years, instead of, as occurred in recent years.

"The two-year agreement may be a good alternative, since bring gain to the bank ", Moreira said Juvandia, president of the Bank Workers Union of São Paulo, Osasco and region and one of the coordinators of the Bank of the National Command. in a statement, the Fenaban said negotiations will continue today. According to the bank, a meeting is scheduled for 15h.

Workers claim adjustment 14,78%, and 5% real increase, considering inflation 9,31%; Participation in profits and results (PLR) three salaries plus R $ 8.317,90; floor in the minimum wage Dieese (R$ 3.940,24), and food stamps, meal, and day-care assistance in the national minimum wage (R$ 880). It is also order fourteenth salary, end abusive goals and bullying.

currently, bank receive a floor of R $ 1.976,10 (R$ 2.669,45 in the case of employees who work in cash or cash). The basic rule of participation in profits and results is 90% salary plus R $ 2.021,79 and additional plot 2,2% net income divided linearly between workers, reaching up to R $ 4. 043,58. The aid-meal is $ 29,64 per day.

The proposal of banks, presented at the last day 9, It was a readjustment 7% for wages and benefits, plus a bonus of R $ 3.300 to be paid within ten days after the signing of the agreement. The adjustment would also be applied to the PLR.

"The proposal reflects the efforts of banks for a quick negotiation and balanced, able to meet demands for salary adjustments and other items of the Collective Agreement, with a model adjusted to the current economic situation ", He said in a statement, last night, the Fenaban.

A debriefing at the end of the day yesterday by the Bank Workers Union of São Paulo, Osasco Region informs that 913 work places, ten being administrative centers and 903 agencies closed Tuesday (27) in union base, over 32 thousand workers joining the strike.

Source: Agency Brazil

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