Group arrested drug trafficking suspect in several areas of Manaus

The arrests began on the night of Wednesday (21) after anonymous tip.
23/09/2016 15h04 - Updated 23/09/2016 15h04
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A police action taken this week in Manaus resulted in the arrests of six people and the seizure of a teenager 17 years. Everyone involved in drug trafficking in the city. Along the steps were also arrested two people for extortion and association for drug trafficking.

Adailson Souza Almeida, 20, known as "Big Toe"; Mara Deyse Correa Coelho, 26; Derik Silva de Moraes, 26; Orilene Brook Cross, 26; Abed Vitorino Pena Neto, 21; Eronilson Moreira Batista, 27; Anderson da Costa Almeida, 20, and Viviane Ribeiro Cruz, 39, They were arrested during the action triggered by teams DRCO. Work began on the night of Wednesday, day 21, and followed up yesterday afternoon, day 22.

According to the director of DRCO, delegate Juan Valerius, prisons began with the interception Adailson, which occurred on the night of Wednesday, por volta the 21h, the Afonso Pena Street, Set located in Monte Pascoal, Mount of Olives neighborhood, North Zone. In this ocasion, the offender was covered in suspicious attitude, driving a motorcycle via. During magazine found drugs with the young. When asked about the origin of the drug, just denouncing the cronies and informing the teams where they were.

In a house in Kapok Avenue, in that same neighborhood, officers found Deyse, Derik e Orilene. The teenager was also seized on site. Throughout the search the residence civil police found, approximately, 200 bundles of marijuana, two large portions of the same illegal substance, about R $ 1 thousand in kind, a precision balance, six rings and two gold bracelets, three cell phones and fitting equipment for drug lulling.

As the director of DRCO, at the time of approach to offenders in the north, the police were informed that part of the narcotic substance, that would be with the group, was reportedly lost in Compensates neighborhood, West zone. The gang claimed, still, that members of a criminal gang, which operates in the state, They would be threatening and extorting a family because of this stolen stuff.

In continuous action, investigators DRCO followed to the location mentioned by offenders, in Valiente Street, first stage of the neighborhood Compensates, West zone, and set in place campana. Already yesterday afternoon, por volta the 17h, They saw the moment Abed and Eronilson received R $ 13 thousands of victims, a butcher's 43 years, two kilograms of drugs allegedly stolen by the son of man. The young, that did not have the identity revealed, denied involvement in the disappearance of the infringing material belonging to Abed. The teams of the department effected the arrest of the double-handed.

During the press conference the director of DRCO explained that Abed had kept the two kilograms of drugs in a kitchenette that rented the victim. Then Abed went on to accuse the son of the butcher for the disappearance of drugs. Because of this family became threatened by the offender.

"Last Wednesday the victim also gave Abed R $ 2 one thousand. That same day, seven armed men, which are now being investigated by police, They went to the residence of the butcher, They tried to enter the place and even threatened to fire the property. The victim was to give the remaining money, R $ 13 one thousand, On thursday. I nonlocal marked, at the time of crime, We have succeeded in Abed and Eronilson arrests in flagrante ", clarified Valerius.

Then, the first stage of Compensates neighborhood, police arrested Anderson, in a place that functioned as drug lab. Instead they found about half a kilo of cocaine and equipment lulling narcotics. Viviane already been arrested by the teams in public places, on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, North Zone. The woman were seized four bundles of cocaine, six bundles of marijuana and a large portion of type marijuana "skunk".

Juan Valerio stressed that DRCO teams come triggering these operations in order to combat a criminal gang operating in the State. After the outbreak of operations "New Covenant 1 e 2, in West and North zones, respectively, the department has received complaints stating some drug dealing spots.

"In this particular action, We identified a narcotics trading point on the Mount of Olives neighborhood, commanded by Derik. There we learned that lacked get two kilos of cocaine, coming from Compensates neighborhood. It was when we hold the rest of the group. From the hearings of offenders, we learn that the order, to threaten and extort the family, He was commander of the party faction ", said the director of DRCO.

Adailson, ORIL, Dayse, Derik, Anderson and Viviane were sued in the act of drug trafficking, Association for trafficking and corruption of minors. Adailson was also fined for tampering with a motor vehicle signal, to be adulterated in motorcycle ownership. Already Abed and Eronilson were charged in the act of extortion and association for drug trafficking.

The men were taken to the public jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa. Dayse, Orilene and Viviane were sent to the Temporary Detention Center Female (CDPF). The teenager was taken to the police station specialized in Determination of Acts infractional (Deaai). He will answer for infracional act analogous to drug trafficking crime.

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