Henrique Oliveira exposes unfulfilled promises Arthur in the TV debate Amazon

Oliveira convocou o público a avaliar a atual gestão e lembrar as propostas apresentadas há quatro anos e não cumpridas.
30/09/2016 14h21 - Updated 30/09/2016 14h21
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Henrique Oliveira (SD), She took the last promoted political debate on Thursday, 29, the Amazon Network to present their proposals for government and expose viewers to the many promises of government not met by the current administration.

Henry opened the first round of questions directing his speech to undecided voters and called this public to assess the current management and recall the proposals for four years and unfulfilled.

“People are here to listen to proposals. To set your vote. And it is this litmus test I want to call you to make comparative. Four years ago I was here as a candidate. Arthur won the election and promised to electronically controlled signs, 20 BRT terminals, 19 kilometers of BRT fleet renewal, eight new integration terminals and these proposals were dropped to read. Proposals are easy to make the important thing is to have character to fulfill them ", said Henry.

Henry took advantage of the free theme of the second round of questions to ask the current mayor of the abandonment of the Eastern and Northern areas of the city.

"It was done practically nothing. The population does not want more asphalt. I had to have resolved this situation there 30 years. People want the hospitals that you did not and we'll do. We will use the current schools to build the third floor and house the daycare. He promised 110 creches and made only seven and think this is enough. In São Paulo already discussing the night nurseries and here is not made or the day ", said Henry.

Henry also criticized the lack of progress in these four years in the cultural area. Second or candidate, the current administration promises for this field not left the drawing board.

"Check 'x' in his race. candidate's proposals to create parks in neighborhoods, aquarium and botanical garden, Amazon theme park, the canopy neighborhoods, sports museum, A Virdinha Isporthywa, duplicate leisure centers and sport, create youth festival. None of that got off the ground ", Henry scored.

Henry ended the debate by pointing out that his government will target people who need public administration. "Anyone who knows me knows my character and my past and I've always been next to those who need the public power. You who are undecided and sad, we have the opportunity to start this game. Change was not done. Express your anger and change voting on Sunday in Henry, 77”, strengthened.

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