Hissa has proposed the drugstore branch business

The goal is to establish a partnership to strengthen people's access to low cost medicines on the market.
18/09/2016 11h28 - Updated 18/09/2016 11h28
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A partnership between local government and the private sector should strengthen people's access to low-cost drugs in the local market. This is the proposal of prefeiturável Hissa Abraham, coalition leader "New Ideas, New way" (PDT / CSDP), whose goal is to expand within two years the variety of remedies, including more complex, in a controlled manner and without excesses in health centers and drugstores of capital.

The idea, presented during a cycle of debates promoted by the capital of Amazonas sector, Last weekend, It is part of the Shaft 3 the government platform Hissa Abraham, whose main theme is the implementation of the preventive basic health culture to reduce demand in major treatment centers.

In his speech, the prefeiturável, accompanied by the vice Adjuto Afonso, He explained to entrepreneurs working in the field that the political plan includes the registration, analysis and monitoring of people at the nearest health center where they live and presentation of medical records at partner pharmacies municipal.

"I consider this extremely important partnership, since in every neighborhood there is always a drugstore or pharmacy very close which might not even be large, but is always open. So, the idea is to use this structure to meet the demands swiftly and personalized, as required. This is part of an intelligent management and humanized, where the most needy population will have health easier access to supply of essential medicines and routine tests ", He clarified Hissa Abraham.

Hissa said in his government, the patient rather than moving the Greater Victoria district to purchase the medicine in the People's Pharmacy, for example, in San Jose, both in the East, You may have access to the medicine in community pharmacy. "We have to facilitate access to the person who wants to deal more quickly. The patient is in a hurry to be healed and we have to create mechanisms to facilitate the life of citizens. And we will look for entrepreneurs, traders to enter into this partnership. Is to facilitate access to medicines and also in carrying out routine tests ", said.

During the meeting, President of the Amazon Drug Retail Trade Union (Sindidrogas), Armando Reis, He supported the idea of ​​Hissa and presented the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs with the city. "You can count on our support and partnership in his government. But we want the support of the city council from next year in facilitating business license, since the license currently only lasts one year, and when we take the documentation, we expect more than a year and a half to be served. Many work in illegality due to the delay in the release of the license ", Disse o A part Sindikalista. "We want a five-year license, so that the entrepreneur come out of breathlessness of today ", completed.


currently, according to a survey conducted by the CSO Health Brazil, Manaus is one of the few cities in the country where the gratuity of remedies does not reach over 30% the volume demanded by the population. The municipal administration currently offers, yet according to the survey, 390 signs, which are distributed in health centers, in Primary Care Units and Emergency Department.

The implementation of the agreement, as proposed by Hissa Abraham, extend the targeting of medical facilities in health centers and drugstores of the city. "In these places, the population will have free access to medicines, including those that were being sold at a discount by the federal program. This is a commitment that I assume and I want to see working ", secured prefeiturável.

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