Hissa signs term sheet for the capital ciclomobilidade

The signed document is authored the collective movement cycling Pedal Manaus.
20/09/2016 07h25 - Updated 20/09/2016 07h25
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At the end of Monday afternoon (19), the leader of the coalition "New Ideas, New way" (PDT / CSDP), Hissa Abraham, He signed a statement of commitment in favor of public policies to improve urban mobility and encouraging the use of bicycles in the capital.

Among the main points of the document, authored the collective movement cycling Pedal Manaus, cyclists claim to prioritize policies and investments aimed at improving pedestrian traffic conditions, the adoption of measures discouraging the use of motorized individual transport and setting a target plan for urban ciclomobilidade.

The prefeiturável Hissa Abraham explained that the paradigm for building a smart city, sustainable, inclusive and humanized, as provided in the government plan, planning of urban mobility is one of the most important guidelines. According to him, encouraging the use of bicycles to get from the replanting of trees in the road corridors to reduce the sensation of heat. "What we defend is search the city for people, one regards Manaus. Today it is impossible to imagine, for example, an elderly moving in a pleasant way and easily the city, because the sidewalks are a number of steps and ramps for cars, and not for the elderly. Returning afforestation is the beginning of everything ", He argued Hissa Abraham.

The pedetista explained that its management will give conditions for cyclists by creating ciclopistas and also bike racks at strategic points of the city. "In our mobility plan, we connect modal. Today, the few exclusive roads in the city do not lead anywhere. You have to give conditions to the bicycle user so he can get around safely. We will create the ciclopistas, the bike racks with locker rooms, since our weather is very hot and the citizen, who choose to go to work by bike, can be sanitize decently ", commented.

The group coordinator Pedal Manaus, Leonardo Aragão said the idea of ​​the movement is to help prefeituravéis with necessary policies for cyclist. "Manaus is still on the drawing board when it comes to public policy for cyclist. And even though the capital with the highest number of fans, not objective actions for users. We must move forward and we are fighting for it ", said.

In Manaus, the initial survey of cyclists identified that various actions of the Master Plan bureaucratise the means of transport, which is made by non-motorized vehicles or pedestrians. For Leonardo Aragon, currently, the provision of traffic for 'bikes' is still enxergada as leisure, something that reflects the lack of signage or structure for cyclists. "Unlike cars, which have exclusive parking spaces, not all public places that have bike racks for parking, discouraging use. If asked someone why he adopted the bicycle as a means of transport, the answer is precisely the efficiency of the medium, in addition to improving the quality of life and health ", considered.

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