Hissa and Adjuto present proposals for women in the South Zone

The meeting took place in Petropolis neighborhood, Zona Sul.
12/09/2016 13h46 - Updated 12/09/2016 13h46
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The prefeiturável Hissa Abraham, coalition "New Ideas, New way" (PDT / CSDP), accompanied by the vice Adjuto Afonso, presented, in last Saturday night's (10), projects aimed at female class capital. The meeting took place in Petropolis neighborhood, Zona Sul.

Hissa spoke of the importance of Manaus Prefecture in rescue and expand the project "Women's Carreta", leading itinerant medical assistance to districts and has been virtually ended by the current management. "A woman needs to be treated well by the government. They reduced and virtually ended the 'Carreta Women'. We will recover and improve this important project which serves thousands of women, mainly, in more peripheral areas. Over there, many of them prevented cervical cancer, and other diseases ", commented.

In the women's class, Hissa announced the creation of the Support Center, Technical and Women's Entrepreneur, from 2017. "We will create special units to treat the victims of physical violence and psychological. Many of them married, suffer aggression, They do not report and lose precious time of life without seeking a technical qualification. We will give psychological support, form this woman in a technical area and put it in the labor market so that she lives away from the aggressor and start your life. Be the 30, 40 or 50 years. The most important is the city to watch the person from the psychological area of ​​entrepreneurial / technical ", highlighted.

But the vice Adjuto Afonso said the pedetista management will fight for the establishment of daycare centers, through the Integrated Center for Early Childhood Education. "No advance promise hundred kindergartens and not make a. Our management will form partnerships with social centers, churches, educational units, to turn the site into creches. Thereby, mothers will be able to go out to work or study in a quiet and safe. Respect and affection we have to do for them ".

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