Hissa will create the 'Manaus Connected' to get free internet in the capital of communities

The main objective of the project is to link the municipal health services, education and culture.
23/09/2016 07h40 - Updated 23/09/2016 07h40
Photo: Michael Dantas

A project to provide digital inclusion for the entire population of the capital and enable greater access to distance education in most suburbs and countryside. So the leader of the coalition "New Ideas, New way" (PDT / CSDP), Hissa Abraham, He explained to a group of young people the importance of "Manaus Connected", project to be developed in his administration, which provides a free internet signal coverage in all areas of the city.

Hissa Abraham explained that the main objective of the project is to link the municipal health services, education and culture, to speed the bureaucratic processes (mainly in health centers and schools) and increase community integration on digital platforms.

the young, the prefeiturável clarified that are provided for public-private partnerships for the installation or use of phone towers, fiber optic networks, Besides the public buildings of the city, as schools, health centers, among others. "The idea is that the antennas enable digital inclusion for more than ten thousand people more in each neighborhood. The antenna for radio wave free transmit the internet signal in a radius of five kilometers. Technology has advanced and, willy-nilly, We must accompany her. The fall and slow system hampers and delays the protocol activities, as marking of medical consultations, enrollment of students, disclosure notices, among others. There is a delay as to be up to ten minutes to make an application in municipal, something that would be with the optical fiber snapshot ", said Hissa Abraham.

The pedetista explained that the city will distribute the signal, through Wi-Fi network, in each town hall. "That is, that resident will be able to go in the square of your neighborhood and access to the internet, in UBS and schools. The internet needs to be throughout the city and we will make life easier for each resident. After all, much depends on the internet these days is to study, pay the bills, will communicate, and a multitude of things ", commented.

The news was cause for joy to Luciene Silva Teixeira student, that does not have internet at home and still depends on the lan house or the neighbor's signal is for his university work or to access services as a result of laboratory tests. "We hope that the internet will make a positive impact on the lives of people living, for example, In my neighborhood (John Paul), to improve the indices of education and also help to strengthen citizens', said.

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