Internal female semi-open part of the Redemption Pena by Reading Project

During the morning, the inmates who participated in the activity made the presentation of literary works.
21/09/2016 15h44 - Updated 21/09/2016 15h44
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Internal Prison of semi-open unit Female (UPSF), located in Cachoeirinha, participated, on the morning of Wednesday (21), 1st assessment of the banking Redemption Project Pena by reading the unity of the semi-open regime. The State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP) develops the project in various prisons in the capital and in the unity of Itacoatiara. na UPSF, the project had the support of organizations like the State University of Amazonas (UEA), the State Department of Education (Seduc) and the Organization of the Amazon Chaplains (FATHER), participating in the project in the prisons of the capital.

The Secretary of State, Pedro Florencio, He pointed out that its management is focused on the pursuit of actions aimed at investing in staff training and professional internal. "We are all committed to open ever more spaces that allow opportunities for a better life outside of prison, for these people to get out of here with a hope of better days ".

Pedro Florencio highlighted the pride of seeing the four participating domestic activity, since the involvement in the project is voluntary and intended for all inmates who are interested to participate, regardless of education level, reading and writing skills necessary.

During the morning, the inmates who participated in the activity made the presentation of literary works of different genres, exposing their views from the reading context. A bank examiner was mounted, and evaluators took into account the literary knowledge of each of the participants and analyzed the involvement of inmates who have dedicated themselves to read and understand each work.

Para o professor da UEA, Emerson Saraiva, education is a right of all, and the university seeks to work it daily with the various public. "We have a proposal for social inclusion and to bring new possibilities of life for people apenadas. Like this, we can help in personal training as the professional ".

The project – Reading the penalty The Redemption is provided for in Law No. 12.433, from 29 June 2011, in Recommendation No. 44 November 2013 the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and Letter No. 1956/2013 Permanent Group of Prison Monitoring July 2013. The internal project participants have a period of 30 days for reading the book, then prepare a report and answer a questionnaire on the main issues of the work.

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