IPAAM promotes operation Environmental Battalion and DEMA against illegal extraction of sand and clay

The Institute embargoed and assessed company was extracting sand illegally, the extension of San Francisco, AM-010.
21/09/2016 12h10 - Updated 21/09/2016 12h11
Photo: Cinthia Guimarães / IPAAM

The Institute of Amazonas Environmental Protection (Ipaam) embargoed and fined a company that was illegally extracting sand, the extension of San Francisco, at kilometer 42 AM highway-010 (Manaus - Itacoatiara), in addition to apprehend two trucks and two tractors working on the site. The action was held last Friday (16) and completed yesterday morning (20), with support from the Environmental Military Police Battalion and the Bureau of Crimes Against the Environment and Urbanism (during) Civil Police.

O Local, Action object, It was explored by land and sea Mineração Ltda. In July, after surveillance Ipaam see that the area was with the operating limits beyond the authorized, the mining activity was paralyzed by notification applied by the agency. Besides that, the controlling body of mineral exploration, National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) held low the mining title in August.

Even with the legal determination of Ipaam, activity continued to be held. Then last Friday, the Ipaam acted again and applied the activity of the embargo administrative sanctions, and the explored area, fine and seizure of heavy machinery used on site.

Yesterday morning, tax the Ipaam found that one of the tractors seized on Friday was not there. The team applied a notification to the company presents the equipment at the Institute's headquarters.

The operation involved the participation of inspectors of the Environmental Inspection Management (rate) the Ipaam, Military police of the Environmental Police Battalion (BPAmb), civil police officers and the delegate of Dema, Samir Freire. "It is the strength of civil police DEMA protect the physical integrity of IPAAM team and investigate possible criminal offenses, environmental crimes ", He explained the deputy Samir Freire.

The company sold each carload sand between R $ 150 a R$ 180 to middlemen (caçambeiros), Usually sell it R $ 500 for construction companies in Manaus.

Irregular sand mining is environmental crime, since it involves removal of vegetation (deforestation) and damage by the removal of sediment from nature without replacement.

Material argiloso

The inspection of Ipaam also caught on Tuesday (13) a company without environmental licensing extracting clay material (grit), próximo at Reserva Ducke, North of Manaus. Two drivers who made the removal of the mineral were in place and were led to Dema, where they were detained. The truck and machinery employees operating on site were also seized.

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