Jair Bolsonaro is applauded in the House after rebut accusations of Mrs PT

The deputy noted that the Rosary Mary's brother was arrested for pedophilia.
15/09/2016 07h59 - Updated 15/09/2016 07h59
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The House of Representatives held on Wednesday (14), a session to discuss the 'rape culture'. at the time Mrs Maria do Rosário (PT) and other invited women accused Congressman Jair Bolsonaro to promote culture.

For this reason, the deputy asked for the right of reply, which was denied for a long time. Soon after Rosario decided to grant the right to the Member not only defenseu, but he noted that the congresswoman's brother was arrested accused of practicing pedophilia.

Jair received strong and intense applause from his colleagues plenary.

Watch the video:

Maria do Rosário x Jair Bolsonaro

Disagreements between the two parliamentary drag on for a long time. In the year of 2003, after barbaric crime, Bolsonaro was interviewed by a TV network program and on occasion, discussed the reduction of legal age, since the crime was to author a minor who murdered a couple, but before that, He tortured and raped the girl for several days.

Maria do Rosário turned into the conversation to defend for not reducing the age of criminal. In response, Jair said who defended criminals, It should take the lowest that killed the couple to drive the car of his daughter.

last, in 2014, the clash between the two was revived in a House session. Maria and his party made a criminal complaint against Mr. In 2016, the complaint was accepted by the Supreme Court and the political became defendant. Although you may lose the mandate, was convicted, it is the prerogative of the whole Parliament will never be punished for their opinions, votes and express words.

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