adapted games mark celebration of the National Day of Persons with Disabilities Fight in Manaus

Referring to Paralimpíadas, the adapted games project Viver Melhor mobilized families, entities linked to the rights of persons with disabilities.
21/09/2016 17h03 - Updated 21/09/2016 17h03
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With a marathon of recreational games, Amazon celebrated the National Day of Struggle of People with Disabilities on Wednesday, 21 of September. Near 400 beneficiaries with motor activities program "Living Better", State Government, attended the event in Coexistence State Center Family Father Pedro Vignola, the north of the capital.

Referring to Paralimpíadas, the adapted games project Viver Melhor mobilized families, entities linked to the rights of persons with disabilities and specialized schools. Despite not having competitive character, games earned medals to participants. And with a gold Marcos Vinicius ended their participation. The autistic boy, only 7 years, I was celebrating, for family joy.

"It brings a pride for us. When he was under a lot of people criticized and today there is his evolution. Thank God he is very well at school, already know how to read, is a bonus to be here with him, today, this joke to them. They are lovely children for us ", said mechanic Carlos Augusto, Vinicius uncle.

Organized by the State Secretary Person with Disabilities (Seped), the games counted on the partnership of entities linked to the sector. bronze medalist in volleyball sitting of Paralimpíadas Rio 2016, the athlete Amazon Layana Batista honored competition. For her, Olympic victory serves as a stimulus for other disabled.

"They serve as an incentive, so that they can look for sites, associations that give this support so that they may be the future great athletes. The Amazon has a lot of ability and condition to enter this world and improve the situation of people with disabilities ", said.

The Amazon is one of the few states in Brazil to rely on a specific department dedicated to the cause of people with disabilities. This differential has helped consolidate public policy for the sector and strengthen legislation which protects and guarantees the rights, said holder Seped, Vania Suely.

"This demonstrates our state special attention to the segment. Brings consequences of actions that favor this population. Today, the State of Amazonas has a significant population, something around of 26% of the population with some form of disability, then it is extremely necessary to expand public policies for this segment ", said secretary.

Secretary of the National Organization of Handicapped Entities, Carlos Mota militates ago 38 years in favor of people with disabilities. Recalling the achievements, He cites his personal history and the mother of the battle so that he initiated studies.

"At that time, the public schools do not accept children with disabilities and there was no alternative. There go 56 years that. Today, We have complex André Aráujo, Manoel Marcal, Joana Rodrigues Vieira, Augusto Monteiro, as well as entities directed the deaf, blind and intellectual disabilities. We now have many achievements, but still a long list of demands ", said.

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