video games inspire new show promoted by the Culture Department at the Teatro Amazonas

The musical is "Muzikstation - Continue?”, that happens 15 a 18 of September.
13/09/2016 07h38 - Updated 13/09/2016 07h42
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Music awakens the senses. That's why the sound tracks of the films, soap operas, series and games are so important to complete the imaginary experience of public. Thinking about that, the State Government, through the Department of Culture, promotes another musical which refers to this trip to the unreal world. It is the "Muzikstation - Continue?”, that happens 15 a 18 of September, no Teatro Amazonas, located in Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue, s/nº, Center, area south of Manaus.

presentations, that are part of the "Meeting of the Waters Series", also part of the special program to celebrate the birthday 120 years of Teatro Amazonas.

In the four nights show, maestros Marcelo de Jesus Simões and Octavian divided the command of the Experimental Orchestra of Amazonas Philharmonic, the Amazon Choir Vocal Group and Madrigal Music House Ivete Ibiapina. The repertoire is stuffed to the soundtracks of games video games that gained national attention, as the great classics.

According to the Secretary of Culture, Robério Braga, these shows are important to foster the relationship between young people and classical music. "We worked for it. Engage the public in cultural issues of our state. It is in this sense that the Muzicstation draws the attention of young people of all generations, and it leads to an experience that plays with classical music, real, and fantasy games ", completed.

In retro repertoire, the soundtracks of games like "Sonic: The Hedgehog”, “Street Fighter”, “Chrono”, “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "and" Final Fantasy "still earn new arrangements, made by the Orchestra, exclusively for the show.

This is the second edition of the show that took hundreds of people to travel the world of games 2015, It is considered one of the biggest of the year. Tickets for the performances are now on sale at the box office of Teatro Amazonas.

“Ready? Fight!” – Member of Amazonas Choir Vocal Group a year ago, Baritone Hiago Ribeiro, 24, talks about the preparation for the Muzikstation, which began shortly after the concert "Music in the Magic Castle", at the end of July. "There were three weekly meetings, involving vocal technique and repertoire rehearsals. Besides that, this will be the first presentation of beginners, who always attended mass testing, euphoric is showing all or time ", said.

in presentations, the group led by Hermes Coelho conductor shares the stage with the Madrigal Music House Ivete Ibiapina, in two suites composed of "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”, de Michiru Yamane, and "Final Fantasy - Suite No. 2", de Nobuo Uematsu.

With an age range of 16 to 27 years, groups interact to give a show. "The expectation is always very good, even for those who enjoy the world of video games. Sure to be a nostalgic moment! The public will be able to revive and feel inserted into these games, and it's amazing how everyone is striving for that ", says the baritone.

According to the maestro Marcelo de Jesus, it is important to remember that all songs will be re-readings of the original versions, and not reproductions. "It's very difficult to transcribe music from a game for an orchestra, for example. Many digital resources that create these sounds. So we opted for the retro side, where the orchestra can show their best performance ", account.

"We are very excited to another concert, even more power play arrangements created by ourselves. We have no doubt it will be a great show!”, He finished the conductor.

Free for all ages, the show starts at 20h, Thursday (15) on Saturday (17), and 19h, not Sunday (18). In addition to the box office, the public can also purchase tickets on the online platform, from the site

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