José Aldo calls to break with the UFC and suggests retirement

Confirmation of the struggle between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez at UFC New York, no dia 12 from November, It was the last straw for him.
28/09/2016 06h40 - Updated 28/09/2016 15h49
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Confirmation of the struggle between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez at UFC New York, no dia 12 from November, It was the last straw for Jose Aldo. In an interview with the program "Fight Magazine", SporTV, the interim champion featherweight asked the president of the Ultimate, Dana White, to have the contract terminated and, after the request denied, He threatened to retire from MMA.

"Since I lost they promised something for me. I came into my mind that I did not want to fight anymore MMA, We arrived an hour we arrived at my limit. I sat with Dede (Pederneiras, Brazilian coach) long time, he convinced me to continue, I fought Frankie Edgar to win, It was the struggle of Dede. When the fight ended I offered the victory to him ", said Jose Aldo, from 30 years.

"After that, I was waiting, the guy said that the fight was closed, UFC people spoke that we could fight. Not that I'm a hothead, revolted, none of. I am very quiet, I talked long before I wanted to end my career 30 years old and taking new directions. I never fought for money, I wanted to make a good path and leave a legacy in the category. I wanted to retire as a single flyweight champion, but it was not this way. I am interim champion, I'm up there, but I'm really pissed off ", said the fighter.

"Today (Tuesday) morning was talking to Dede ... If they offer anything ... For me, It is not a question of money, I can not take it anymore. We arrived at my limit. If he (Dana) like me and my family as told, I only ask that he release me normally, I do not want to fight with anyone. I want to leave the way I came. The UFC never gave me anything. It was all my merit, my team and my family. In no time they gave me something. I won with my merits. I gave much more to them than they gave me in return. I just want you can release me from contract. If they offer me millions, They can get to them, I do not want. Sorry expression, but I'm not p *** to sell me. I'm a man. My father made me this way ", addressed the fighter.

The statements were motivated by negative Dana. In collective to promote UFC New York, President of Ultimate said it would not meet the request of Jose Aldo and try to solve the problem. "We will not cancel his contract. We know that he was very emotional, much respect Jose Aldo, we like those who are around him. Khabib (Nurmagomedov) I wanted a fight on this card and we got a fight for him this card. Let's get up with something cool for Joseph also ", he said.

By the way was emphatic, José Aldo will hardly turn back the decision to retire. "I just want the UFC release me to follow my life, my career in another sport, I always had the dream ", said Brazilian, criticizing again the president of the Ultimate.

"He (Dana) He had said he would make the fight against Conor the belt, but would face one of these two (Pettis ou Holloway). Now you will want to wait until the fight (McGregor x Alvarez) to happen. If he (McGregor) to lose, fight me. If you win, It is in the light and leaves (or title) for me to face the Holloway. This is not a cool thing. You are hurting me, I made history, o Holloway, o Pettis, o Frankie ou o peso-pena que for. It's not just lack of respect for Aldo, It is with every category. If the other wins, You will want to play with those who have nothing to do ", ended.

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