Jose Melo gets additional resources of R $ 30 million for the AM in the Ministry of Health

Thereby, Amazon wins alternative to solve problems faced by the public health system because of the economic crisis.
02/09/2016 08h06 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h41
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The governor of Amazonas, Jose Melo, obtained from the Ministry of Health to release R $ 30 million in additional funds for use in the middle of care and high complexity. It is an extra amount within the Health System lending ceiling (THEIR). Thereby, Amazon wins alternative to solve problems faced by the public health system because of the economic crisis.

Jose Melo met in Brasilia (DF), this Thursday, 1 of September, the Ministry of Health to negotiate the release of funds. The Congresswoman Conceição Sampaio helped in the joint. The additional money is coming in the context of publication of Decree 37.218, which declared State of Economic Emergency at the Health System State.

"Despite the reforms we have made to save the public system, the crisis hit us hard enough. We were one of the hardest hit states in the country with the fall in fundraising. Our daily battle is to maintain the quality of care for people and, for this, we are fighting on several fronts and, as a result of this battle, obtained these additional resources ", said the governor.

In 2016, the ceiling-SUS foresaw the transfer of an amount of R $ 501 million to the Amazon. The additional feature is incorporated into the amount. Among the Brazilian States, This is the penultimate smaller amount. According to the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, release opens perspectives. "We will use these resources to solve problem in our network. Help resolve emergency issues we are facing due to the crisis. It is the first consequence of the decree ", said.

Emergency Decree – On Wednesday, 31 of August, the Government of Amazonas State of Economic Emergency decreed in the Health System. The purpose is to prevent the imminent lack of assistance to the population, with the imposition of preventive measures, control and containment of risks, damage and harm to public health.

The Decree takes into account the effects of the national economic crisis on the collection of the State, that hit key sectors of management and emphasizes the need to impose exceptional measures costing, in management and industry procedures, and the search for new forms of funding for health in the state.

While investing, average, 23% the resources of the State Treasury in Health, when the minimum determined by the Federal Constitution is 12%, Amazon ranks second to last in the volume of per capita resources from the Federal Government (ceiling SUS). Besides that, the State Department of Health (Sesame) is responsible for a high percentage of coverage of care in primary care, municipality of competence, which increases the cost constituted by the Susam. Ninety center of urgent and emergency care provided by Susam in Manaus, including maternal and child area, are patients from primary care.

The Government of Amazonas considers that the health sector has been one of the hardest hit by the crisis caused by the successive collection falls, in order to be the Manaus Free Zone industrial model that suffered losses in the country (39,49%, while the national average is 19,10%, January 2015 to June 2016).

The measures resulting from the decree are administrative and fundamental to address important aspects of the system. All State Health Units follow fully functional meeting all.

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