Justice release candidate who sent nudes trying to get reelected councilman in the Amazon

Opponents argued that practice hurts principle of morality.
10/09/2016 14h32 - Updated 11/09/2016 14h00
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The election judge Fabio Cesar de Souza Olintho, Parintins, understood that sending pictures naked (nudes) does not make an ineligible candidate. In the decision the day before yesterday, the judge approved the registration of the candidacy of Gelson Moraes de Souza, trying to get re-elected councilor for the municipality of PSD 112 thousand.

“The applicant joined, the period of due diligence, all the missing documentation and, as highlighted by the prime promoter of Electoral Justice, their alleged involvement in his nudes disclosure and third person, alone, It does not prevent him from having his name submitted to the choice of the wise people Parintins, which, yes it, will judge him and, in its sovereign judgment, You may reject it or reelect him, not fitting the Electoral Judiciary to meddle in this harvest, with a view to completion by the applicant of all the requirements imposed by the Constitution and current law”, the judge said.

in the decision, the magistrate is not clear to those who have been sent intimate photos, questioned by the PSD parliamentary opponents, who claimed that the practice hurt the principle of morality.

The argument was rejected by the Electoral Public Ministry and the own electoral judge. As this decision in the first instance, the councilman opponents may resort.

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