Justice requires Artur Neto to take down illegal propaganda against Marcelo Ramos

Judge Careen Aguiar determined fine of $ 5 thousand per day if the decision is violated.
22/09/2016 00h58 - Updated 22/09/2016 00h58
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Justice acts against the plummet in the candidate's campaign Artur Neto re-election that was ordered to take down inserts that bind the candidate's name Marcelo Ramos (PR) the Operation Maus Paths, Federal Police, erupted on Tuesday (20).

Judge Careen Aguiar Fernandes conceded late on Wednesday (21) injunction ordering the immediate withdrawal of coalition candidate's propaganda to air Artur Neto re-election by trying to tarnish the image of his main opponent.

The fine for each day of non-compliance was set at R $ 5 one thousand . Arthur started to plummet after the DMP Institute released research showing his defeat by more than 10 percentage points to Marcelo Ramos.

"Although it is tolerable criticism from different points of view and to some extent inevitable, in the case in, At my point of view, Propaganda, this incipient moment, seems to slip into the candidate's personal orb Marcelo Ramos, as it tightens link the image of that majority to the operation of the Federal Police ", says the judge in the decision section.

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