Kleber Romao is one of the listed candidates for the City of Manaus

According to analyzes of backstage baré policy, Romao, is a strong candidate in the election this year.
30/09/2016 16h12 - Updated 30/09/2016 18h06
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Calculations made on the sidelines of baré policy, as it published the advertising Durango Duarte earlier this month, point the candidate for councilor by Democrats, Kleber Romao, as one of the listed names to take a position in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM).

According to the analysis of advertising, the Democrats will elect two candidates, among them Pr. Therezinha Ruiz, that running for reelection and Kleber appearing between one of the strongest names for the second wave.

Before play one elective office, Romao, It has been highlighted in social networks for reporting acts of corruption and not be afraid to defend their ideals and this year decided to enter the election fray.

The candidates know well use the web to discuss their ideas and transmit their proposals. His irreverent way has attracted many fans and followers who can be reversed on votes.

Supporters and projects
state coordinator of Brazil Free Movement (MBL) and representative of the School without party in the Amazon, Romao, It stands out on social media for his tough talk against Eduardo Braga, PT, Dilma and PC B. He said his candidacy is an invitation to all who want to be part of this reconstruction mission in Brazil.

Among the supporters of the campaign are Kleber: the candidate for mayor of Manaus, Marcelo Ramos, State Representative, Platiny Soares (THE), the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (Alea) and Marcelo deputy candidate, Joshua Neto, or senator, Ronaldo Caiado (THE), Congressman, Jair Bolsonaro, Minister of Education, José Mendonça Filho, the Brazil Free Movement, the Mutiny Online and the main right-wing movements in the Amazon and Brazil.

Its projects aim to move in the municipal legislative reducing the number of councilors for that population has quick answers to their problems and to show who are the bad politicians, Besides that, Romao also intends to transform Manaus in the first town 2.0 Brazil and encourage capital entrepreneurs creating a management model of municipal tax authorities where the citizen interested in undertaking automatically receive their business license.

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