Budget and Multi-Year Plan Act 2017 They will begin to transact in the House

Projects estimate revenue and set the expense of Manaus for the financial year next year.
09/09/2016 09h39 - Updated 9/09/2016 14h52
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) act, next week, the No messages 024 e 025/2016, Municipal Executive, that deal with the Bills, estimating revenue and fixed the Manaus City of expenditure for the financial year 2017 (LOA) and which provides for the Multi-Year Plan (PPA) for or period 2014 a 2017, respectively. The revenue forecast for the year 2017 It is $ 4,1 billion; 0,47% less than the forecast of the Budget Law 2016.

According to Executive Message on the Annual Budget Law of 2017, beyond the austerity measures, necessary in any economic environment, the Municipal Administration will continue with public management modernization actions in the search for efficiency and effectiveness of government actions. Stressing that the revenue is estimated at R $ 4,1 billion, considering the fiscal budget and social security. The 'current income' account for 90,8% the total amount for 2017, and 'capital' account for only 5,3% of the total and the 'intraorçamentárias' are responsible for 3,9%.

Still according to the message on the LOA 2017, renunciations already considered in predicting the Budget Bill's revenue next year totaling R $ 59,4 million - these, R$ 53,7 million or 90,4% They refer to the Tax Service Any Nature (ISSQN) and R $ 5,7 million or 9,6% do total, for the Tax on Land Property and Territorial Urban (Iptu). The expectation of the city, for the year 2017, considering the improved economic scenario, It is that tax revenues show a nominal increase of 6,0%.

In relation to the total expenditure, fixed in Bill, It was estimated at the same amount of revenue of R $ 4,1 billion. Current expenditure accounted for R $ 3,6 billion or 87,6%. Capital expenditures totaled R $ 455,1 million or 11%. Already the Contingency Reserve, with legal provisions established by the Fiscal Responsibility Law, It was estimated at R $ 57,6 million or 1,4% do total.


Among the government sectors receiving investment, Education is still the one that will get more resources, no amount of R $ 1,7 billion, or 26% do total. Second Health, with the amount of R $ 831,1 million or 20,1%. And the third largest budget is for Manaus Urban fixed in the amount of R $ 819,6 million or 19,9% do total.


Already Multi-Year Plan sets the goals to be achieved to ensure compliance with the intended objectives, and these should be measured by clear indicators, transparent and objective to ensure the effectiveness of public policies developed.

Once resolved by the House plenary, projects will be sent the corresponding Technical Committees. It is noteworthy that both the LOA and the PPA are subject to parliamentary amendments.

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